Top 100 Spelling Bee Champions (pg 3)

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41.  Brent M. Henderson
Award Given: the 2009 Jackson County Spelling Bee Champion

School: Moreland Ridge Middle School, Blue Springs,

Henderson is a veteran of spelling bees. Now in eighth grade, Henderson has been competing in the bee since the third grade. And he also has completed in an eighth grade bee in November, a school spelling bee in December, and a Blue Springs School District bee in January.

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42.  Joseph Delamerced

Award Given: 2011 WCPO Regional Spelling Bee Champion

School: Summit Country Day School

Joseph Delamerced, an 11-year-old fifth grader, was crowned spelling champions at Saturday's WCPO Regional Spelling Bee. His winning word was "jadeite," which is a sodium-rich mineral. He received a free trip to Washington D.C. where they will represent the Tri-state in the 2011 Scripps National Spelling Bee.
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43.  David Bippes
Award Given: 2009 KSPR Ozarks Spelling Bee Champion

School: Hope Christian Home School, Anutt, Missouri

Next week, whiz-kid spellers from all over the world converge on Washington D.C. for the 2009 Scripps National Spelling Bee. He's not spending all of his time studying the dictionary, David Bippes is a well-rounded kid. He's also received awards for Math Olympics, Geography Bees, and 4-H for woodworking.
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44.  Morgan Brown
Award Given: The 2009 Regional Spelling Bee at St. Francis Xavier School Champion

School: North Platte Junior High School, Dearborn

For the second year in a row, Morgan Brown of North Platte Junior High School will represent the Northwest Missouri area in the national spelling bee this summer. Morgan won by correctly spelling "kitsch," a word with German origin used to describe an object's design. Words such as "macadamia," "regatta" and "allegory" stumped a few spellers.
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45.  Yulkendy D. Valdez
Award Given: 2009 Post-Dispatch Spelling Bee Champion

School: Ferguson Middle School, Ferguson, Missouri

Yulkendy Valdez, 14, lived with her family in a town south of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. With hopes for a better life, her family came to the United States when she was 10 and settled in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Yulkendy Valdez had to learn English from scratch. She did. Last week, Yulkendy, now an eighth-grader, won first place in the Post-Dispatch Spelling Bee. She will travel to Washington, D.C., in May to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Keep in mind that she has only spoken English for four years.
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46.  Rose  Tracy
Award Given: the 2010 Anaconda-Deer Lodge County bee Champion

School: Fred Moodry Middle School, Anaconda

Rose Tracy is the defending county champ, winning in the fifth, sixth, seventh and now eighth grade. She is the daughter of Jim and Lee Tracy. She spelled ineffable and then infatuation to win, and advances to the state bee March 27 in Billings. As a state champion speller, she has competed the last two years at the national bee in Washington, D.C.
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47.   Lori Anne Madison
Award Given: the 2009 Catawba County Schools Spelling Bee Champion

School: Sherrills Ford Elementary School

The audience erupts into applause as Lori Anne Madison, 6, who won the hearts of the nation as the youngest qualifier for the Bee, spells "dirigible" correctly. In her second round, later Wednesday, she incorrectly spells "ingluvies," still prompting an enormous cheer from the crowd.

Lori Anne did not make it to the semifinals. But she was all smiles at a press conference Thursday morning.
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48.  Tussah Heera

Award Given: the 2009 Nevada State Spelling Bee at Faith Lutheran High School Champion

School: Home School, Las Vegas, Nevada

The 13-year-old stood at the microphone at Faith Lutheran Junior-Senior High School and faced the judges on the end of the stage. She asked for the definition (marrying one person at a time, or having only one mate). She pretended to type it on her legs. The winning word: "Monogamous. M-O-N-O-G-A-M-O-U-S".
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49.  Ethan Truong
The 2010 annual district-wide Elementary Spelling Bee Champion

School: Lieder Elementary School

A fourth-grade student Ethan Truong won first place by correctly spelling the word “rebarbative” in the 17th round of the annual district-wide Elementary Spelling Bee, held at the Berry Center Feb. 2. Truong will compete in the Houston PBS Regional Spelling Bee, scheduled for March 27 at 2 p.m. on the University of Houston campus.
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50.  Joseph Roselli

Award Given: 2011 Jackson spelling bee Champion

School: Jackson School District

With the correct spelling of the word “quizzical”, 5th grader Joseph Roselli bested the best elementary school spellers in the Jackson School District during the annual district-wide Elementary Spelling Bee held Feb. 7. Roselli was joined by 29 other students who were the winners in each of the school-based competition in the district’s six elementary schools.  Click here >>
51.  Joshua Casquejo
Award Given: the 2009 Hudson County Spelling Bee  Champion

School: West New York Middle School, West New York

The 8th grader Joshua Casquejo was honored by members of the board and West New York Mayor Silverio A. Vega, for his championship at the 2009 Hudson County Spelling Bee Competition. Joshua will continue on to the national spelling bee competition in Washington, D.C. this May.
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52.  Vanya Shivashankar
Award Given: The 2010 Olathe Spelling Bee Champion

School: Regency Place Elementary School

Spelling excellence runs in the Shivashankar family. Vanya Shivashankar, 8, won the 2010 Olathe Spelling Bee today and will compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. The third-grader from Regency Place Elementary School is the younger sister of Kavya Shivashankar from Olathe, who won the 2009 Scripps National Spelling Bee. She competed against 43 spellers, who had qualified by winning their local school bees. Vanya won in the 36th round of the bee, which was in the auditorium of Frontier Trail Junior High School.

Michael Sun

Award Given: The 2009 North Jersey Spelling Bee Champion

School: West Brook Middle School, New Jersey

Eighth grader Michael Sun from West Brook Middle School in Paramus captured the championship title in the 2009 North Jersey Spelling Bee. Michael outlasted 24 other finalists Thursday evening and secured his victory with the correct spelling of embrasure. He will be in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in May.
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54.  Shyamala Ramakrishna
Award Given: Trenton Times 2009 Spelling Bee Champion

School: Montgomery Upper Middle School, Skillman

If you need Shyamala Ramakrishna to spell it out for you, she can. That's because she won the Trenton Times 2009 Spelling Bee held at Rider University's Bart Luedeke Student Center Theater last night. As the nine rounds of competition narrowed the field of competition to two final spellers, Ramakrishna, a student at Montgomery Upper Middle School, bested her opponent, Ameena Soliman of Noor-Ul-Iman School. Ramakrishna wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee from May 26 to 28.

55.  Gina Liu
Award Given:  2010 Coles County Spelling Bee Champion

School: Charleston School

After correctly spelling "circuitous" Wednesday night, Gina Liu made a full circle in life by becoming the Coles County Spelling Bee champion for the second consecutive year. Last year, Liu went on to win the Regional Spelling Bee and advanced to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., where she made it through the third round of competition. The Charleston eighth-grader spelled her way through 18 rounds of competition before winning the county bee Wednesday night in her school's media center.
56.  Hannah E. Evans
Award Given: 2009 State Spelling Bee  Champion

School: Home School, Albuquerque, New Mexico

From the point Hannah Evans was given the word synastry, gathered and aimed her thoughts and spelled it correctly before the judges, it took 60 seconds. It ended with exhales, cheers and applause, eight rounds of competition during Saturday’s 2009 State Spelling Bee and the crowning of another Evans family member as the champion of words. She won a trophy and a trip as the state representative to the Scripps National Spelling that will be held in Washington, D.C., in May.
57.  Alexis Hammons
Award Given: 2011 Knox County Spelling Bee Champion

School: Barbourville Independent

Lunatic,Suffering from lunacy; insane. That was the winning word at the annual Knox County Spelling Bee held on Monday, February 14, at the Knox County Board of Education Annex. Alexis Hammons, an 8th grade student at Barbourville Independent, correctly spelled the word during the 7th round of the bee before being named the county winner. 
58.  Kevin Drew
The 82nd annual Buffalo News Spelling Bee 2009 Champion

School: Wellsville's Northview School

Kevin Drew, an eighth-grader from Wellsville's Northview School got no less than 100 percent on his tests at the conclusion of the bee held at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society Museum auditorium, each winning a $25 cash award. Kevin emerged as the big winner of Sunday's bee as he most confidently and correctly spelled "recrement”.
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59.  Sriram Hathwar
Award Given: The 9th annual Regional Spelling Bee 2011 Champion

School: Chemung Valley Montessori School, Big Flats

For the third time in four years, Hathwar – now a fifth-grader at Chemung Valley Montessori School in Big Flats – has earned a spot in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. It took 21 rounds and nearly two hours of tense competition before Hathwar nailed the championship word, “vituperative,” to win the 9th annual Regional Spelling Bee, held Thursday night at Campbell-Savona Central School.
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60.  Neetu Chandak
Award Given: the 2010 Wayne-Finger Lakes Regional Spelling Bee Champion

School: Seneca Falls Middle School, Seneca Falls

Seneca Falls eighth-grader Neetu Chandak lasted 13 rounds against 39 other students Saturday to capture her fourth regional spelling bee title. The three-hour competition for a shot to represent the region in Washington, D.C., took place at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and featured students from 20 districts in grades four to eight. Neetu spelled “platitudinal” and “vespacide” to win. Chandak received numerous books on top of other prizes: “Barron’s Pocket Guide to Correct Spelling,” “U CN SPL BTR: Spelling Tips for Life Beyond Texting,” and “Eyes Before Ease: The Unsolved Mysteries and Secret Histories of Spelling.”
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