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Top 100 Spelling Bee Champions

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1.  Kavya Shivashankar
Award Given: 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee 2009 Champion

School: California Trail Junior High School

A 14 year-old, Eighth Grade, Kavya Shivashankar wrote out every word on her palm and always ended with a smile. The 13-year-old Kansas girl saved the biggest smile for last, when she rattled off the letters to "Laodicean" to become the nation's spelling champion. Kavya was making her fourth appearance at the bee, having finishing 10th, eighth and fourth over the last three years.
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2.  Meredith Foulke
Award Given: 2009 Regional Spelling Bee Champion

School: Santa Fe Trail, Topeka West High School

An eighth-grader, 13 , Meredith Foulke has won the Osage County Spelling Bee and also holds the title of reigning champion at the 2009 Regional Spelling Bee, held each year in Topeka. This marks her third county spelling bee appearance.

To win the bee, Foulke had to spell “gelatinous” correctly, which she did in short order, using her trademark of spelling the word on her left arm, using her right index finger, to visualize the word.
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3.  Emily Keaton

Award Given: 2009 Kentucky Derby Festival Spelling Bee Champion

School: Christ Central School in Pikeville, Kentucky

Emily Keaton of Pike County won her second consecutive Kentucky Derby Festival Spelling Bee today by correctly spelling "ankylosaur" - an armor-plated dinosaur - at the PNC Club at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Keaton is a sixth-grade student at Christ Central School in Pikeville, Ky. She finished third in the 2009 KDF Spelling Bee.

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4.  Olivia Jacobs
Award Given: 2011 Martha's Vineyard Bee winner

School: Tisbury School

For Olivia, it was the second straight year that she's been the top speller among Vineyard Bee participants. Olivia clinched first place by correctly spelling "suave." As the Island's winner, Olivia will represent Martha's Vineyard at the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The Times' Bee sponsorship includes underwriting the champion's trip to the national Bee.
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5.  Andrew Jan Cerise

Award Given: The 2009 21st Annual Regional Spelling Bee Champion at Xavier University

School: Stuart Hall School for Boys, New Orleans

The 5th graders Andrew Cerise wins now give Stuart Hall boys five of the nine trophies awarded in the past three years on the regional level. Andrew advances to participate in the 82nd Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee to be held in Washington, D.C., May 27th-29th.
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6.  Joshua Choi

Award Given: 2011 Glendale Unified District-wide Spelling Bee Champion

School: Verdugo Woodlands

It came down to seven letters — e x c l a i m. It wasn’t the hardest word for Joshua Choi. He is an incredible student, one of several Verdugo Woodlands teachers who helped Joshua prepare for the competition, as friends and family crowded around the victor. He is very hard-working and so conscientious. He always gives 110%, and he has a great attitude.
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7.  Imogen L.B. Page
Award Given: 2009 State champion at the competition held in Lewiston

School: Blue Hill Consolidated School

For the second year in a row, the 14-year-old eighth-grader at Blue Hill Consolidated School has won the statewide spelling bee. Page was named state champion at the competition held in Lewiston on Saturday. Page said she was "very excited" about her victory and is looking forward to representing the state again in Washington, D.C.
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8.  Alexandra Bartlett

Award Given: 2009 Anne Arundel County's Spelling Bee Champion

School: Crofton Middle School, Maryland

"You can study those and then there are lists of thousands of words online you can study and print out," said Bartlett whose big word was "dossier.",  after winning Anne Arundel County's spelling bee, she received a giant dictionary filled with national spelling bee words for her to study.
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9.  Harshit Sarin

Award Given: 2009 Baltimore Regional Bee Champion

School: Pikesville Middle School

Harshit Sarin won Pikesville Middle’s spelling bee Feb. 10 by spelling “gregarious.” He and the runner-up, eighth-grader Denzel Enos, went to the Baltimore Regional Bee at Towson University on March 14. Sarin entered the championship round after correctly spelling “railroadiana” and won the competition with the word “causticity.” Harshit Sarin is headed to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in May.
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10.  Andrew P. Haskins
Award Given: Meakem Group 2009 Scripps Regional Spelling Bee for Montgomery County, Champion

School: Herbert Hoover Middle School, Maryland

Andrew Haskins, won the final round of the Meakem Group 2009 Scripps Regional Spelling Bee for Montgomery County, and Herbert Hoover Middle School. Haskins' final word the word that would send him to Washington was "mayonnaise."
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11.  Jack Nolan
Award Given: 2009 Howard County Spelling Bee Champion

School: Deep Run Elementary School , Maryland

Jack Nolan spent months trying to improve upon his finish at last year's Howard County spelling bee, when he was knocked out in the fourth round. He studied 15 words a week with his mother. The preparation paid off this year when the 10-year-old correctly spelled "fortuitous" in the 15th round to capture the county title. Jack won a $1,000 scholarship, a trophy and a copy of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.
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12.  Jessica Kaye Swarner
Award Given: The 2009 Washington County Spelling Bee Champion, Eighth grade division

School: Saint Mary's Catholic School, Hagerstown

The number 13 turned out to be lucky for Jessica Swarner during Saturday's 30th annual Washington County Spelling Bee at Western Heights Middle School. Despite going 13th in the order, the 13-year-old from St. Mary Catholic School won the event among eighth-graders. Jessica spelled "preemptive" in the eighth round of the spelling bee to defeat her longtime rival, Tristan Prejean of Heritage Academy. Tristan was the winner in his class each of the last two years.
As a result, she advanced to the Scripps National Spelling Bee May 26 to 28 in Washington, D.C.
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13.  Eunique Corea Allen
Award Given: The 2009 ninth annual Gazette-Star Prince George's County Spelling Bee Champion, Samuel Lewis Sugarman Award Certificate

School: Queen Anne School, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

The eighth grader, Eunique correctly spelled "staccato" and "thesaurus" to take home the trophy and book a spot in the national competition.In addition to the trophy, Eunique won a Samuel Lewis Sugarman Award Certificate from Scripps, Webster's Third New International Dictionary, three one-year subscriptions to Encyclopedia Britannica Online, a $100 gift card from Educational Systems, $1,000 in gift cards for a shopping spree to The Mall at Prince's George's, passes to the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center for one year, and a $350 gift card to IKEA.
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14.  Rensi Franklin

Award Given: 1998 National Coca Cola Spelling Bee Champion

School: Holy Redeemer Upper School in Belize City

Eleven year old Rensi Franklin won the 1998 National Coca Cola Spelling Bee contest. The win is one organizers say was destined. Franklin who did manage to spell Nitroglycerin correctly after two tries, did so on the buzzer, therefore he was not awarded any points, that would have declared him the winner. As the competition entered the ninth round, the air was tense as the Spelling Bee had come down to crunch time.
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15.  Surjo Bandyopadhyay

Award Given: the 2010 23rd Annual Calvert County Spelling Bee Champion

School: Southern Middle School

The seventh grader Surjo Bandyopadhyay bet all of his fellow spelling bee participants that he'd be out in the first round. Instead, the 12-year-old will be going to Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., at the end of May. Surjo won the 23rd Annual Calvert County Spelling Bee Wednesday evening after spelling the word "tokamak" correctly.The spelling bee was held at the Mary Harrison Center at Northern High School in Owings.
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16.  Jazmine Ashleigh Smith
Award Given: the 2009 Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) 31st annual Spelling Bee Champion

School: John Hanson Middle School, Waldorf, Maryland

Jazmine Smith, an eighth-grade student, won the 31st annual Spelling Bee held Feb. 27 at Milton M. Somers Middle School by spelling the word "kinesiology" correctly. As the county winner, Smith advances to the National Scripps Belling Bee scheduled for May 26-28 in Washington D.C.
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17.  J. Rexon Gonzaga Apurado 
Award Given: the 2009 2nd Annual Citywide Spelling Bee Champion

School: Alexander Hamilton Elementary School

After correctly spelling the word “scenario," a Filipino fifth-grader, J. Rexon Apurado won the second annual citywide spelling bee hosted by the Boston Centers for Youth & Families at Faneuil Hall last March 21.This achievement will reportedly allow him to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee to be held in Washington, D.C., in May.
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18.  Alex Malmberg
Award Given: The 2008 Champion of Florence Sawyer School’s Spelling Bee

School: Florence Sawyer School

Alex won in the ninth round, after confidently spelling out the word P-E-R-P-E-T-U-A-L. As for Alex, winning was an unexpected surprise. He attended spelling clinics at the school to prepare for the Bee. Alex will now compete in the North Central Regional Spelling Bee at the Four Points Sheraton in Leominster on March 3.
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19.  Daniel C. Rosenberg
Award Given: the 2009 Annual Regional Spelling Bee Champion

School: Marblehead Veterans Middle School

Daniel Rosenberg, who as a fifth-grader two years ago represented the region at the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., has taken the first step on making a return trip to the nation’s capital. Rosenberg prevailed in the Marblehead Veterans Middle School spelling bee Feb. 11. He will now compete in the regional final in Lynn to earn a berth at the National Bee May 26-28.

At 29 letters, it’s the longest “non-technical” word in the English dictionary. It’s a word Marblehead seventh-grader Daniel Rosenberg can spell perfectly, without even taking a second breath. “F-L-O-C-C-I-N-A-U-C-I-N-I-H-I-L-I-P-I-L-I-F-I-C-A-T-I-O-N.” The letters spilled out of Rosenberg’s mouth recently, after which he rapped out its pronunciation. Then, without missing a beat, he explained what the word means, breaking it down syllable by syllable.
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20.  Lily Lubin
Award Given: The 2009 18th annual Island-wide Spelling Bee Champion

School: Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School

At last week's 18th annual Island-wide Spelling Bee, Lily Lubin proved that spelling skill is not an "anachronism." Knowing how to spell that word won first place for the seventh grader from Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School.
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