Top 100 Reasons For Homeschooling (pg 2)

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21.  Creativity and Imagination

I believe we are here to use and enjoy our talents and homeschooling gives the parent an opportunity to encourage children to revel in the things that capture their imagination.

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22.  Use of Available Expertise  

One of the Top Ten Reasons for Homeschooling Children in 2006 is to make the best use of available expertise in all fields of learning.  Homeschooling children allows parents to seek out true expertise in all fields, but especially in the subject area the child enjoys most. The child is able to receive instruction beyond the standard levels and will likely find his or her interest in a subject area enhanced

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23.  Improved Family Relationships 

Homeschooling allows family members to understand one another more holistically. For parents, watching their children progress academically and watching them occasionally struggle, allows for a more compassionate view of their efforts. Children being schooled by parents get a new appreciation and respect for the skills, knowledge and patience which parents can impart. While there is always the danger of having too much of a good thing, the end result of homeschooling seems likely to improve rather than damage family relationships.

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24.  Building Diversity 

Through effective networking, parents can achieve one of the Top Ten Reasons for Homeschooling in 2006 - diversity. Too often public school children go to school with children who come from the same socio economic backgrounds and live very similar lifestyles to everyone else in the class. Home schooling gives parents the option to put a little effort into creating learning situations that promote education thorough diversity. Variety of Scheduling Home schooling allows parents to generate their own schedule which effectively means that every day is not like every other day.

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25.  Providing Moral Training

By taking responsibility for homeschooling, parents make it possible to nurture and oversee the moral development of their children. Reprimands, directives, interaction can all take place within the moral framework set by the parents, not by disconnected teachers. Children benefit by the consistency of demands made upon them for honest, caring , fairness, self- control and other parent determined values throughout the entire day.framework set by the parents, not by disconnected teachers

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26.  Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder

Many times a kid is labeled ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder), so to improve the performance of poorly performing kids, homeschooling is a good option as the child gets special attention both by parents and teachers involved in homeschooling.
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27.  Family situations

Many family situations count for homeschooling kids like the death of their mother, financial issues, connectivity to proper school etc.  In some cases kids become very troublesome for the teachers and other students and need the special attention of the father or another family member.

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28.  Say Bye To School Bullies

Sometimes kids are bullied by other students and they are not strong enough to respond back. This leads to less attention in subjects and classroom, so their parents prefer homeschooling as it will not hamper their studies.

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29.  No more grading scales

You can avoid grading scales when they give no benefit to your child. The child can, instead, learn education for education's sake and not education for the sake of a grade

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30.  No "Lunchables"

You know what your kid eats at every meal. No nasty cafeteria food, no trading that healthy lunch you made just for him for snack cakes!
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31.  Job Market Integration

Older students have the time freedom to get a "real job" instead of working fast-food or at a movie theater. They can take on mentorships or apprenticeships in areas that interest them, and come out of high school with a much better idea of what they want to major in college and to do with the rest of their life. In addition, as a hs parent you see what areas interest them and where they are strongest, and can better help guide them in the choice of a career.

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32.  Recreation

You are able to take the whole day off for anyone's birthday or any holiday. It doesn't really cut into "school time" when you consider how many days public schools take off for government holidays, teacher service days, etc.

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33.  Responsibility

You can teach your children responsibility by giving them daily jobs without feeling that they have no time to accomplish them after a long school day and much home work.

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34.  Sleep

Sleep is important because it gives our bodies time to recover from the stress of living. Schools have been starting earlier in recent decades. And with TV, computers, and video games to distract them, people of all ages are sleeping less than their parents or grandparents did a few generations ago. "If you're sleeping in school, you're not learning," says Mary Carskadon, a sleep researcher.

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35.  No Compulsory Vaccinations

Parents maintain the right to determine whether or not their child should be vaccinated. They can also maintain the right to determine whether or not their child's mental health should be evaluated and whether or not their child should be given psychotropic drugs.
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36.  Fewer Back Injuries

(Homeschooled students don't have to haul around 22% of their body weight in textbook-laden backpacks). This can be quite taxing for a young child.
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37.  Back-to-school Debt

(Who knew parents are racking up credit card debt to outfit their kids for school?) These offers promote indiscriminate credit based spending for back-to-school supplies."

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38.  Wear Whatever You Want

No school uniforms or restriction as to what you should wear, in a way because you can wear whatever you want to wear, because you don’t have to go out.

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39.  Freedom

In public schools, teachers may advocate evolution, abortion, homosexuality, women's liberation, premarital sex, situation ethics, values clarification, the occult, etc. Prayer and presentation of Biblical and religious truth are essentially banned.

In home schools, teachers are free to teach respect for the Bible and for God, with absolute values of right and wrong. Religion and the Bible can be freely discussed and practiced in any subject at any time.
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40.  Better Textbooks

Public school texts may advocate all the humanistic false doctrines we have mentioned. They never advocate or defend Biblical teaching, respect for God, etc., because such has been banned. In home schools, excellent texts are available that advocate pure values. History and science are approached from Biblical viewpoints. Literature assignments reinforce true morality, without violence, profanity, and other forms of immorality.

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