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Top 100 Reasons For Homeschooling

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1.  Learning Values

“Visions are powerful mental images of what we want to create in the future.They reflect what we care about most, and are harmonious with our values and Sense of purpose” Basically parents have a choice to select the syllabus and the skills they want to instill into their children and they can experiment unlike the formal schooling where the teachers have to follow set programs of study.
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2.  Good Instructional Design Principles

This relates to how the information is communicated to the child.  Good instructional design needs means making the content more simplified in a manner as to make it easy for a student to understand without taking out necessary information. Who can do this better than a parent as they understand the child better guess out of instinct?

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3.  Identity and Control

In home learning the children have control of there thinking hence the can get clear picture of who they without coping what there peers are doing.
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4.  Socialization

Home schooling enables children to receive adequate instructions over learning how to interact constructively with people younger, the same, and older than themselves this may not be so in a formal school where habits are picked from senior students.  Children will always be good imitators.
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5.  Sheltering Children FROM Reality

This sheltering of a child from reality especially the reality defined by the culture of school bullies, weapons, illicit sex. Kids stuck in a classroom all day, seem to be far more isolated from real life than kids who are able to play around and interact with both adults and children.

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6.  Better College Preparation

Home schooled children will have an opportunity to control aspects of individual life including time management, interaction so they are likely to perform better in college.
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7.  Religious Views

Our daily rituals define our faith, and vice versa. Serving others, praying together, and living lives that are not defined exclusively by the values of our society all reflect the important elements of our religion. In fact, all the facets of our educational philosophy manifest themselves into the rituals, habits, and priorities that are inseparable from our faith journeys.

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8.  Distance to/from School

Families who live at a considerable distance from the local schools have home schooled for decades. In many cases, a trip to school can be hours. However, distance isn't just measured in miles anymore. Especially in some suburban areas, traffic problems are getting so severe that a trip to school can take hours. And the parents have decided that this isn't worth the hassle.

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9.  Medical Conditions

Many students have been forced or encouraged to study at home because of medical conditions. A temporary stint in bed because of hepatitis, or a longer stay because of chemotherapy or injuries suffered in a auto accident can lead to a more permanent routine of home schooling as Mom and child decide that they actually like being around each other. In formal school the child will be left behind as the rest of class continues with the studies while the child is recovering. It can cause a lot of stress

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10.  Genius Students

These students cannot fit in a public school environment as the system either slows them down as they have to keep pace with other students ending up to be just average student by the time they reach upper grade. 

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11.  Slow Students

The problem of the slower student is exactly the opposite of the gifted student. Government schools deal with these students with a mirror image of the program for gifted kids, and they put them in the slower class, hold them back a year, put them into special classes for slow students. The result is that a student identified as "slow" is encouraged to become even slower, and feels bad about it at the same time.

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12.  Behavioral Problems

Government schools have no effective means of disciplining students, and the students know it. However, Dad and Mom have more options at hand to control behavior than the teachers at school do.

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13.  Providing Moral Training

By taking responsibility for home schooling, parents make it possible to nurture and oversee the moral development of their children. Reprimands, directives, interaction can all take place within the moral framework set by the parents, not by disconnected teachers. Children benefit by the consistency of demands made upon them for honest, caring, fairness, self- control and other parent determined values throughout the entire day.

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14.  Religious Conviction

Many parents, upon a close reading of the Bible, Torah, or Koran, have come to realize that God commands the parents to raise and teach a child, not that the parents send their children to teachers. This responsibility includes spiritual training and imparting of wisdom both of which are very difficult to do with children who are being taught opposite values by government curricula.

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15.  Personal Safety

With every week bringing another report of school violence, sexual abuse by school personnel and transport accidents, the anxiety of parents of public school children increases. Being able to more closely monitor the overall well being of your children

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16.  Convenience

In a society that is on the go, stress is a part of every person's daily schedule. Home schooling lets you reduce the stress and increase the personal convenience involved in educating your child. Home schooling means you can schedule your day and your children's day to fit family and personal needs, fitting studies in when and how they best work for you.

A tremendous amount of stress can be removed from your day when the flow of activity is not orchestrated by the schedule of your public school but rather by you.

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17.  Freedom From Peer Pressure

"School is all about fitting in and not being different from everyone else." JV said when we discussed home schooling a lot of this is eliminated when you start home schooling.

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18.  Flexibility

One of the advantages to home schooling is how flexible it can be. Learning becomes part and parcel of your whole life, and this gives you an amazing freedom.
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19.  Community Involvement

Far from being hidden away at home, home scholars tend to be out and about in the community a lot of the time. This teaches children to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds  a valuable life experience.
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20.  Passion

Remember being passionate about something? Remember when you wanted to learn all you could about it, or work at it for days at a time.I think passion is an important part of a life. A passionless existence is a dreary one. But many of us try to squeeze in the things we are passionate about in small chunks of time instead of making them a major part of our lives. One of the benefits of homeschooling is it gives children the gift of time to explore their passion.

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