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61.  Missouri Ozarks Mensa
Local Secretary: Vivian Wasson

Welcome to the website of Missouri Ozarks Mensa, affectionately known as MOM. Both members and non-members are equally welcome.

Mensans come from all walks of life. They range from age three to nearly 100 years old. They represent both sexes, all races, various professions and many beliefs. However, they share one trait -- an insatiable need to know.
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62.  New Hampshire Mensa

Local Secretary: Richard Conde

Welcome to the digital town common of New Hampshire Mensa. We're the Granite State's (and until recently, thePine Tree State's) chapter of Mensa, the international society made up of people from all walks of life who share a single common bond: achievement of a score in the top 2% on one of many standardized intelligence tests. From that common bond in an otherwise diverse group comes a common purpose: sharing the enjoyment of pursuits that stimulate the mind.

We currently have somewhere in the vicinity of 350 members in our chapter. Officially, NH Mensa is part of Region One of American Mensa, which in turn is part of Mensa International. There's some great general information about Mensa on the Mensa International web site. There's also some more specific information about the benefits of membership on the American Mensa web site, and info about our neighboring chapters on the Region One web site.
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63.  Ventral New Jersey Mensa
President: Paul McKeon

It's a popular misconception that Mensans are nerds. It's thought that we have huge vocabularies. It's thought that we talk about things way over the heads of most people, but that is only because we are much taller than most people. While it's true that we are in the top 2% of intelligence that doesn't mean that we are rocket scientists. At our Monthly Gatherings, yes we have listened to a Princeton astrophysicist explain dark energy, but we have also played a game of Mensa Feud (a take off on Family Feud for prizes).

You can submit evidence of prior testing in the form of scores from a supervised, standardized test like the Stanford Binet, the Miller Analogies Test or the GMAT.
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64.  New Mexico Mensa
Local Secretary: Sharon Lee Winters

New Mexico Mensa is a local chapter of American Mensa Ltd, "the High IQ Society", which is in turn a national group of Mensa International. Geographically, New Mexico Mensa covers the northern 2/3 of our state, from Socorro up to the Colorado border plus the northern Texas Panhandle (Amarillo and environs).

As might be expected, most of our 325+ local members are clustered in the Albuquerque area, with smaller clusters in Santa Fe/Los Alamos, the Four Corners area and far off in Amarillo. We have activities in these areas. The number and type of activities continually change, but usually include dinner meetings, speaker nights, lunch groups, occasional games nights, pool parties or barbeques, and even visits to museums or baseball games. Gen-Xers have additional separate activities.
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65.  Greater New York Mensa

President: Natalie Krauser

Greater New York Mensa is the Local Group for Downstate New York. That is, New York City (the boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island) and the adjoining New York State counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.

Greater New York Mensa (GNYM) is one of the oldest and largest local Mensa groups in the world, and the original home of the American Mensa national office.

The Greater New York Mensa website also has a GNYM New York Scenery Photo Album in which you can show the world pictures of interesting sights in our area. (For examples of scenery from around the country, visit Roadside America - Guide to Uniquely Odd Tourist Attractions ).
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66Central New York Mensa
President: Paul Baxter

Central New York Mensa covers the Central New York area. Our largest city is Syracuse, New York. Our area extends:
  • east beyond Utica to Herkimer
  • to the south to Cortland
  • to the west to Auburn, Moravia and the easternmost of the Finger Lakes.
  • and north to Potsdam , Massena , and the Canadian border.
We meet monthly. January through November, we meet on the first Thursday of the month. (In December, we have a members-and-guests-only combined meeting and holiday dinner).
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67Mid-Hudson Mensa
President: Chuck Whitesell

The Mid-Hudson chapter of American Mensa has members in locations stretching from Columbia, Sullivan and Greene south to Orange counties. Our programming consists of monthly dining outings, games nights and seasonal parties. Too, one of the nice things about Mensa is that members can always jump in and schedule their own event. If you are looking for opportunities to socialize with peers, Mensa may be the answer. There are links on this website for you to familiarize yourself with the national organization as well as membership testing information.
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68.  Mensa of Eastern North Carolina
Local Secretary: Shiangtai Tuan

The name of this organization shall be Mensa of Eastern North Carolina.

Mensa of Eastern North Carolina is a local group of American Mensa, Ltd., and is subject to the Constitution of Mensa, the Bylaws of American Mensa, Ltd., and the resolutions adopted by the American Mensa Committee. American Mensa, Ltd. is herein abbreviated as "AML" and the American Mensa Committee as "AMC."

The governing body of Mensa of Eastern North Carolina shall be an Executive Committee consisting of four officers (Local Secretary, Deputy Local Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian), plus additional member(s) elected at-large (one per 200 local members) and one appointed officer (Publications Officer). No more than one-half of the voting members of the Executive Committee may be appointed members. At their first meeting after taking office, the elected members of the Executive Committee shall elect from among themselves their Local Secretary, Deputy Local Secretary, and Treasurer.
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69.  Charlotte/ Blue Ridge Mensa 
Local Secretary: John Edward Barnes

C/BR Mensa is for Mensans in areas with zip codes beginning with 280, 281, 282, 286 and 297. Of the nation's 133 local groups, C/BR ranks 46th with a membership over 330. But two out of 100 people qualify for Mensa, so with a population over 1.7 million in the Charlotte Metropolitan Statistical Area we're missing more than 33,000 members. If you're one of those missing members, you — and we — are missing out! To find out why, read on.

Our group's monthly newsletter, IdioM, has been a strong competitor for national Mensa awards. It keeps members in touch by publishing the calendar of the month's events; describing who, what, when and where about past and future events and meetings; and serving as a forum for the many viewpoints of members.
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70.  North Dakota Mensa
Local Secretary: Brian M. Tinker

North Dakota Mensa was founded in 1982. It received the Innovative Owl Award for membership retention in 2000 and the Prolific Owl Award for membership growth in 2001, and first Honorable Mention for the Prolific Owl in 2005 and 2006. Member Karina Fabian received the Fiction Owl in 2007 for her ongoing contribution to the newsletter. The Owl is national Mensa’s highest award to a local group.

In 2009 North Dakota Mensa or its members received four major national awards, including Group of the Year. We are looking forward to 2010!
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70.  Western Pennsylvania Area Mensa
Local Secretary: Thomas D Nehrer

This is the website for Western Pennsylvania Area Mensa, a chapter of American Mensa, Ltd., that serves the western Pennsylvania area, including Pittsburgh, Butler, Erie, Greensburg, Indiana, Johnstown, St. Marys, Titusville, Washington County. Also Mars, Moon, Beaver, Slippery Rock, and a lot of other places with weird names. But not Intercourse--that's in Central Pennsylvania Mensa.

WPM is a subsidiary of national organization whose members have scored in the top two percent on any one of a number of standardized intelligence tests. Members have a diverse variety of interests. While many enjoy stereotypical Mensan interests such as computers, science fiction, and Monty Python, here are the Mensans with interests in everything from collecting rocks to rock music. In other words, we rock.
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Cleveland Area Mensa

Local Secretary: Tim Schifle

Cleveland Area Mensa (fondly known as CAM) encompasses the North Coast of Ohio, with members as far east as Ashtabula, as far west as Sandusky and as far south as ... (see other links below for neighboring Mensa area groups). We have regular get-togethers to talk, laugh, and enjoy the company of other intelligent individuals.

Mensa is an international society whose members have scored in the top 2% of the population on a qualifying test. Mensa is not-for-profit and has no religious affiliation. Requests for information or applications for membership are welcome. Opinions expressed on these pages are those of the author(s) and do not represent Mensa.
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72.  East Central Ohio Mensa

President: John Schmid

East Central Ohio Mensa (ECOM) is a chapter of American Mensa Limited, headquartered in Arlington, Texas, US.

Our chapter has about three hundred fifty members residing in the following fourteen counties in east central Ohio: Ashland, Carroll, Columbiana Crawford, Holmes, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Richland, Stark, Summit, Trumbull, Tuscarawas, and Wayne.

Volunteers from ECOM are available for twenty minute presentations about Mensa to your group or organization.

Our presentations typically cover qualifying for Mensa; how to join; costs involved; what we do; activities and meetings; our scholarship program; activities for gifted children; weekend gatherings; Mensa publications; and more.
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73.  Eastern Oklahoma Mensa
Local Secretary: James Goodner Keith

Welcome to the Eastern Oklahoma Mensa local group web page. This is local group number 740 in region 6. Approximately 55% of our members have mailing addresses in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This website of Eastern Oklahoma Mensa serves as resource for local members needing information about the group and its activities. From time to time information and links may be posted regarding events not sponsored by the local group, but nevertheless likely to be of interest to a significant portion of the local membership.
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74.  Central Pennsylvania Mensa
Local Secretary:James Sanford

Central Pennsylvania Mensa is a local group of American Mensa, Ltd., and is subject to the Constitution of Mensa, the Bylaws of American Mensa, Ltd., and the resolutions adopted by the American Mensa Committee. American Mensa, Ltd., is herein abbreviated as "AML" and the American Mensa Committee as "AMC".

Membership in Central Pennsylvania shall be open to all members of AML in good standing in the geographic areas assigned by the AMC, or as otherwise assigned by AML.

Members in good standing who are not also members of Central Pennsylvania Mensa are welcome to participate in the social activities of the local group at the discretion of the host or hostess. The National Ombudsman, his surrogate, and members of the AMC shall be permitted to participate in the business affairs of the local group in the discharge of their official duties.
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75.  Delaware Valley Mensa
President: Pat Horsley

Delaware Valley Mensa, or DVM, is the local chapter of American Mensa (which, itself, is a national member of International Mensa) that serves members who live in or near Philadelphia, PA. This includes the Philadelphia suburbs and southern New Jersey.

Delaware Valley Mensa periodically administers tests which can be used to qualify for admission into Mensa. To find the next scheduled testing dates, look near the top of our home page for testing dates, or contact our testing coordinator at Testing who can provide you with more details.
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76.  Central South Carolina Mensa
President: Jim Scott

CSCM is home to Mensans from the Midlands of South Carolina and the Augusta/Aiken/North Augusta area, also has a dinner meeting the second Tuesday of each month that includes time to socialize and hear from a stimulating speaker.

We also have two SIGs, or special interest groups, that also meet once a month. These offer an opporunity to engage others with similar interests on a regular basis. Our SIGs topics are:
  • Discussion
  • Classic movies

77.  Coastal Carolina Mensa
President: Andy Hammill

Coastal Carolina Mensa (CCM) is one of 135 Mensa groups in the United States as part of American Mensa, Ltd. There are about 50,000 Mensans in these groups whose members are diversified in backgrounds, education and age. The only common denominator Mensans have is that they scored at or above the 98th percentile of an intelligence test or other qualifying criteria.
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78.  Middle Tennessee Mensa

Local Secretary: Daniel L Brown

This is the Mensa chapter for Metro Nashville and surrounding counties. (Officially, we're Local Group #370, in Region 5 of American Mensa, Ltd.) These pages contain useful information for current and prospective members, as well as those who are simply curious about our organization. We hope you will find our website interesting and informative, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

We give the Mensa Admission Test in the Nashville area several times per year. The testing fee is $40, and payment can be made with cash, check or credit card.
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79.  North Texas Mensa
Local Secretary: Paul Whiteman

North Texas Mensa is the Local Chapter of American Mensa. joining our group is quite a simple job which is just to pass an IQ test. Many are suprised when they pass the test. It requires so little time and if you pass, you have the opportunity to meet intelligent people everyday. Our calendar will show. More events at private homes are visible only to logged in members. It is so much fun being around people that understand your dreams, ideas, and humor. You will wish you joined sooner!
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80.  East Texas Mensa
Local Secretary: Sean Patrick Healy

The first attempt at to organize an East Texas Mensa group resulted in a meeting in Texarkana at the Howard Johnson Motel Restaurant in the fall of 1974 with 8 in attendance: Betty Zulch (who became the first Loc Sec), C. B. Nall, Johnny Reed, George Barnum, Betty and Joe Brown, Ronny Johnston, and Audrey Mae Andrew. Joe Brown (age 15) attended many meetings with his mother the first few years, usually the only young Mensan present.

East Texas Mensa generally meets every month at a different location in the East Texas area.
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