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Armis is a high-strategy board game, designed for brain-game enthusiasts.

The objective is simple -- capture your opponent's Flag, s

uccess is often achieved through good planning, astute situational assessment, and brilliant implementation.

Benefits of Playing Armis
  • Armis develops critical thinking skills,
  • Armis builds self-esteem, skills are certain and measurable, not conditioned on any financial, academic, or social class,
  • Armis inspires you to be inventive, 
  • Armis emboldens you to learn and understand complex matters easier and faster,
  • Armis spurs you to plan for and attain success, 

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61.  Launch Education
Launch Education tutoring is founded upon the fundamental philosophy that academic success is about a lot more than knowing the material. We know from experience that academic success begins with what we call the "why" of school – a student's academic confidence and motivation – and the "how" of school – a student's skill level when it comes to organization, homework, studying for tests, researching and writing papers, taking effective notes, and becoming a superior test taker.
Most schools, parents, and tutoring companies take for granted that these key components are already in place, when they are more typically at the very heart of a student's academic struggles.
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62.  SLK Learning Center, Inc.
Headquartered in the beautiful community of Rancho Palos Verdes, California, SLK Learning Center, Inc. is a proven leader among South Bay academic tutoring organizations and test prep centers, with a highly qualified and experienced staff of teachers amassing decades of experience in the field of instruction and education. We have recently expanded to include a new tutoring facility in Torrance, California, to better serve our clients.
Founded in 1992, SLK Learning Center Inc. originally specialized in teaching English language arts (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), to both native and non-native speakers of English ranging from early education levels to adult.

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63.  Learning Enhancement Centers
Learning Enhancement Centers traces its roots to 2003, when Christina Carson, a special education teacher specializing in students with learning disabilities, founded the first center in Fredericksburg, Virginia. In 2010, she opened the second office in Gainesville.
Since then, Learning Enhancement Centers has helped more than 600 students strengthen their cognitive skills, thereby improving their grades and their confidence—and success in all endeavors.
All staff are trained in the programs that are used at Learning Enhancement Centers. The Learning Specialists help people of all ages overcome learning challenges (including dyslexia, ADD, and auditory disorders) by developing underlying processing skills, processing speed, and executive function skills. A variety of tools and techniques are used to target the causes of the learning difficulty.

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64.  House of Tutors
House of Tutors is the industry’s leading provider of educational success stories. Our current and former students are excelling in school or their chosen professions with the help of our experienced and knowledgeable instructors and tutors. House of Tutors’ mission is to provide educational and training solutions through high quality courses and programs that help individuals achieve their personal and educational goals to better contribute to society.

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65.  Chappaqua Learning Center

The Chappaqua Learning Center is your resource for just about everything dealing with learning and furthering your child's educational needs.

We offer tutoring, test preparation and help with targeting the colleges and universities that are right for your child.
If a child needs special attention in a particular subject, we offer one-on-one tutoring.
We help not only students but also their parents navigate through the pre-college exam process and exam scheduling.
We offer a choice of one-on-one,or semi-private tutoring sessions for PSAT, SAT, and ACTs. Additionally, we can help prepare students for AP exams and SAT2s, GRE, GMAT, and LSATs.
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66.  The Brooklyn Learning Center

The Brooklyn Learning Center is a community of people who love to learn. We focus on process, not product, which enhances motivation and self confidence. We tailor our programs to help students best meet their goals. Whether they need help with academic tutoring, school admissions and test preparation, or are working with a learning disability, we teach students to feel good about their learning and to succeed in life.

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67.  GlobalScholar
GlobalScholar is comprised of the education solution offerings of Scantron, GlobalScholar and Spectrum K12. Solutions from GlobalScholar empower educators, parents and students throughout the entire learning lifecycle, helping schools achieve educational excellence. The brand's offerings provide educators with data and insights needed to advance teacher effectiveness and student performance.
GlobalScholar also supports parents and students directly with online services that include tutoring and homework help for students, as well as school matching services/online school finders to help parents find the right school for their child. The brand serves 80 of the largest 100 school districts in the United States, as well as 70 countries and 15 Ministries of Education throughout the world.
It partners with some of the most progressive and innovative school systems in America, including recipients of funding from the Race to the Top initiative and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Scantron Corporation is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., which also owns Harland Clarke Corp. and Harland Financial Solutions, Inc.
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68.  WyzAnt

WyzAnt tutors are screened, tested and guaranteed. Search over 30,000 tutors in 200+ subjects. Send them a message, and you'll hear back right away.

Before starting lessons, you can run background checks and review feedback and ratings from past students. Be sure to schedule your first meeting in a public place and have an adult present if the student is under the age of eighteen.
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69.  Seed Learning Centers
Children grow older every day. But do they grow forward? SEED LEARNING CENTERS teach, encourage, and hopefully, inspire students to GROW FORWARD. SEED Learning Centers adheres to the principle that learning how to learn is the most essential and crucial tool a student will use to not only fulfill life goals, but also discover what those goals can be. It is not our intention to act as a replacement for any educational institution, but to act as an enhancement for any learning endeavor.

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70.  IMPACT Learning Center
At IMPACT Learning Center we stress putting what you already know to work!
Diagnostic S.A.T. provides benchmark in determining personalized preparation.
Learn how to "read" S.A.T. questions for understanding.
Learn how to write a convincing and well structured 25 minute essay.
Learn how to make "Educated Guesses".
Experience what it's really like! Multiple full-length practice tests track your progress and note your areas in need of attention.
Accept responsibility for your future!
Your dedication will determine your level of success!
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71.  ShareWorld Learning Center
ShareWorld Learning Center is an enrichment center whose primary goal is to provide a friendly and efficient learning environment that guides students towards academic success. We offer a broad range of classes for anything from SAT preparation to college counseling:
Long and short term preparation courses for the SAT I, II and AP exams
Assistance in raising GPA with instruction in a wide variety of academic subjects
Semi-private and private instruction in a wide range of academic subjects
College counseling
Enrichment electives in a variety of subjects
Enhancing academic competitiveness (college admissions)
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72.  Fairfax Learning Center

We are the premier academic institute for standardized test preparation in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC area. We offer professional test prep and Reading and Writing services for students with all abilities and all ages. Our classes are small and our teachers are experienced professionals.
We understand that students are not robots and that one-size-fits-all approach is not the best way to help students. We analyze each student’s weak and strong points and develop a program to help that particular student. We have helped many students achieve their potential and reach their goal of attending excellent universities or simply those subjects they find challenging. Our number one priority is our students’ success and this attitude permeates throughout our institute.
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73.  Ivy Globals
Ivy Global is a pioneering education consulting firm that is commited to helping our clients gain admissions to universities, law schools and private schools in the US and Canada. We seek to serve our clients by providing expert knowledge and tailored strategies to maximize their educational opportunities.
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PREPSKILLS® specializes in preparing students for admissions tests to private/independent schools and American universities. As Canada's premier SSAT and SAT preparation provider, we employ a number of different tools to make certain that each and every student is assured in their abilities in order to achieve optimum results. PREPESSENTIALS™ is our unique, exclusive and comprehensive essential skills enrichment program designed to instill confidence, inspire creativity and develop the best and brightest among emergent young leaders. Shining beyond the boundaries of learning™ is the motif of PREPSKILLS® programming, and it is maximized through our PREPTHINK™, PREPWRITE™, PREPSPKEAK™ and PREPLEADER™ courses.
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75.  Calgary Tutoring Centre Ltd

Calgary Tutoring Centre Ltd. was founded by Alex Azarnousch in August 2002. He holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in Cellular-Molecular Biology and Computer Sciences respectively from the University of Calgary. His career has included teaching at the University of Calgary, as well as providing one on one teaching/coaching to hundred's of Elementary, Junior High School and Senior High School students across Calgary. Currently, Alex is a Mathematics instructor at Mount Royal University and was awarded the "2007 Distinguished Teaching Award.
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76.  Prime Tutors

Prime Tutors is a partnership of tutors and instructors who specialize in tutoring and counseling of children with variable learning ability and attitude toward learning. As all children are unique and have different learning styles, our tutors have the ability to adapt lesson plans to the specific needs of the child.
Our tutors are ready for the challenge to take on any student with no regard to past performance or attitude towards learning. Our tutors take a step-by-step approach with our students to cover the important and testable parts of the curriculum, and make sure that they are prepared for all quizzes, tests and assignments.
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77.  LearnOn! Tutoring
LearnOn! Tutoring was established in April, 2004. We provide a variety of academic services to help students get back on track, work ahead, or learn something new.
We are a group of educational enthusiasts who enjoy teaching and passing on the passion we have for our courses to our students. We provide in-home tutoring at your convenience for all subjects and all grade levels. We also provide group sessions to help prepare for exams as well as learn the basics of difficult courses to help start you off on the right track.
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78.  Lindamood-Bell
Lindamood-Bell develops language processing so everyone can learn to his or her potential. In order to be a proficient learner, in any subject, it is critical that an individual is able to efficiently process information, either by listening or reading.
Our instruction helps a wide range of individuals of all ages (Pre-K through adult) by addressing the underlying skills necessary for independence and self-correction. Beyond traditional subject tutoring, we focus on the development of processing skills. It is common to see years of learning gain in reading, comprehension, critical thinking, and spelling through just weeks of intensive instruction.
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79.  Tutor Cube

 We believe that all students have the potential to succeed in school. Our mission is to help students prepare for their exams and achieve their educational goals. Tutor Cube provides premier tutoring service and learning programs.We are here to help improve students' academic abilities -- no matter the subject level or skill. Our basic goal is to help students achieve their educational goals. We are here to build a ladder of successful learning experiences. These learning experiences can give students more positive self-image and help students become independent learners.
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80.  College Tutors
College Tutors Builds Stronger Families ® by offering a complete set of customized tutoring, homework help and college prep services. Our tutoring services are provided through one-on-one role model tutors and tailored to each student's individual needs. That is what makes us different. That is what makes our students successful.
Select one of the services below to learn more about a specific tutoring or homework help solution that works for you. But don't worry if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, find a nearby location on the map and give us a call. Our tutors can help.
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