Top 100 Chess Clubs (pg 5)

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81.  Brampton Chess Club

We are now open all year long, including during the summer. We are open on Tuesday nights from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Every Tuesday night there are players playing casual games. We usually use chess clocks to ensure the pace or speed of the game. Although the serious game may take two hours or more, we also play fast 5 minute games in which make you move fast … or lose by time! Sometimes, we have tournaments which most people in the club join.

82.  Kitchener-Waterloo Chess Club

The KW Chess Club is one of the largest and Most Active chess clubs in Canada. We are a not-for-profit, member-based organization that promotes the game of chess. The club's strength is in its membership, and we welcome players of all ages and ability. So if you are just beginning to learn how the pieces move, or you are a battle-hardened veteran of the board - come out and join us for a game of chess.

83.  Kitchener Concordia Chess Club
429 Ottawa Street South ,Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Our goal is to provide a friendly environment to play, enjoy and promote the game of chess. Drop by for a friendly game on Thursday evening as we enjoy visitors and look forward to meeting new players interested in checking out our club . The facilities and playing environment make it the best chess club in Canada.

84.  London Chess Club

The London Ontario Chess Club is dedicated to players of all ages and of all levels from beginner to master. If you think you might be interested in joining the club, come check us out Thursday nights from 6:30pm to 10:00pm at the Kiwanis Seniors Centre, 78 Riverside Drive, London, Ontario. First visit is FREE.

85.  Burlington Chess Club

262 Guelph Line,  Burlington, ON L7R 3K7

Welcome to a new year of CFC rated tournaments at Canada’s friendliest chess club. No membership required ($3.00 per night, first visit to our club is free). As always, casual players and non-CFC members are welcome anytime. They should arrange their own games. On nights between tournaments we sometimes organize an impromptu non-rated speed tournament. All may join in these.

86.  Hamilton City Chess Club

Today, the club has over 30 members of all ages. The Jefferson City Chess Club is an affiliate of the United States Chess Federation and regularly runs rated tournaments. This website is intended to provide information about the club and its members along with important chess information about upcoming tournaments and other areas.

87.  Kingston Chess Club

The Kingston Chess Club (KCC) exists to promote chess, to provide opportunities for play, and to organize competitions. The KCC aims to improve the level of play of its members by engaging in various activities including, but not limited to: teaching, simultaneous exhibitions and lectures. The KCC and this website provide a forum for chess players to meet each other and to share information about chess.

88.  Mississauga Chess Club

The club has more than 50 members ranging in strength from beginner to master. All age groups are represented. The club holds regular tournaments (5' Speed, 30' Active, 90' Swiss), matches with other clubs, casual chess evenings, fun chess nights.

89.  Ottawa RA Chess Club

The Ottawa RA Chess Club is one of the largest and most active chess clubs in Canada. The schedule includes a variety of events that appeal to players of all skill levels, from tournament novice to seasoned master. more..

90.  Oriole Chess Club

The Oriole Chess Club meets every Sunday at the Oriole Community Centre. Founded in January 2003 by Haran Thurairasan. It is now run by Corinna Wan.

91.  Saskatoon Chess Club

We are a motley assortment of people young and old who simply like to play chess. Some of us are good, and some of us are not so good. The SCC hosts approximately 4 tournaments each year. Typically, a tournament consists of 5 rounds taking place over a Saturday and Sunday. more..

92.  Chess Club of Dundas

45 Mercer St ,Dundas Ontario, L9H 2N8

A group of kids who enjoy playing, and parents who enjoy teaching chess. We provide chess playing instruction to improve skills and give students the confidence to play in outside tournaments.

93.  Javacrypt Chess club

Welcome to the Javacrypt Chess club (formerly Quesnel Chess Club). The chess site has been off line for over a year since relocated to a new server. The chess site was built using files and services from 2 servers and had to be fixed to have all files and services on one server. You may still find a link that is not functioning, I apologize if that occurs.

94.  The Nanaimo Chess Club

240 Nicol St. Nanaimo BC

The Wachusett Chess Club have a long line of history because it is founded in the early February 1960 and they used to sponsor major weekend tournaments in the 1960s, '70s and '80s that drew top players from around the country. And up to now, they are still hosting chess games for players who wants to play chess.

95.  Burnaby Junior Chess Club

The Burnaby Junior chess Club will be promoting chess through various activities including, but not limited to, casual and tournament play within the club, teaching, lectures, special guest appearances, simultaneous exhibitions and trips to chess competitions.

96.  Langley Chess Club
36 Ave, Langley, BC, Canada

To provide the facilities to play chess, to organize chess tournaments and to promote the game of chess. The club shall meet every Monday night at 7pm, with the exception of public holidays, or under exceptional circumstances such as inclement weather.

97.  Golden Knights Junior Chess Club
9523 Cameron Street, Burnaby, BC

Our activity promotes the study and knowledge of the game of chessi, for its own sake as an art and enjoyment, but also as a means for the improvement of our multicultural society. Our aim is to make chessi an important tool in educating and developing life long logical thinking, social and organizational skills of the young generation.

98.  Port Coquitlam Chess Club

Wilson Centre, 2150 Wilson, Port Coquitlam

Chess players of all different playing levels available for games. Chess tournaments held regularly. Quiet, comfortable, non-smoking environment. Cafeteria services available.

99.  Fraser Heights Chess Club

The Fraser Heights Chess Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Our chess club meets at Erma Stephenson Elementary's library for chess instruction and practices on Friday nights from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Fraser Heights Chess Club is open to players of all skill levels and ages.

100.  WMA Chess Club

WMA Chess Club is a comprehensive program that combines weekly one hour group chess lessons under a professional chess instructor's supervision with a hands on experience of participating in 2 (two) in-school and 2 (two) outside of school friendly tournaments. We are welcoming the new members to join our fast growing WMA Chess Lessons Club anytime during the school year.