Top 100 Chess Clubs (pg 2)

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21.  Evansville Scholastic Chess Club

Evansville Scholastic Chess Club is a US Chess Federation-affiliated chess club. The club is designed for players age 5-18. We focus on teaching junior chess players at our club meetings but adults are welcome to observe, too. We are a public charity, non-profit corporation. The purpose of the club is educational, to help develop chess as an art among scholastic players for the purposes of recreation and to enhance social welfare in the community. The main emphasis of the club is to focus on improvement, sportsmanship, and honor intrinsic to the game of chess.

22.  Cyclone Chess Club

The CCC at Iowa State University is a membership organization for interested chessplayers. The club is affiliated with the Iowa State Chess Association (IASCA) and the United States Chess Federation (USCF).

23.  Illowa Chess Club

515 18th St, Moline, IL 61265

We're dedicated to promoting chess and it's benefits throughout the Quad City Area and welcome into our clubs anyone who wants to open their mind to all the wonderful things chess has to offer.

24.  Metrowest Chess Club
90 Oak St. Natick, MA.

MetroWest Chess Club is a weeknight chess club in Natick MA, USA. Our most popular Compete event is our Monthly Tournaments formatted in a chess tournament series that runs USCF-rated games every Tuesday evening. Our most popular Learn & Improve event is our Weekly Group Lesson, where an Expert reviews Grandmaster games before play on Tuesday nights. Our friendly chess Community is a great place to meet chess players of all abilities, we have over 125 members, and average over 80 players each week.

25.  Wachusett Chess Club
67 Rindge Road, fitchburg, MA

The Wachusett Chess Club have a long line of history because it is founded in the early February 1960 and they used to sponsor major weekend tournaments in the 1960s, '70s and '80s that drew top players from around the country. And up to now, they are still hosting chess games for players who wants to play chess.

26.  Sven Brask Chess Club

We are dedicated to the enjoyment of chess in a friendly, low-key atmosphere. We meet Wednesday nights from 7:30-11:30 year-round, and feature monthly USCF-rated tournaments, as well as skittles and blitz. We also feature special events throughout the year, such as the Brask Tournament (a unique format where points are scored based on the number of moves it takes to win a game).

27.  Carlisle Chess Club

The club offers students at the Carlisle School the chance to play chess, to increase their knowledge and appreciation of the game, and to develop good sportsmanship. Besides being fun, research has shown that playing chess at a young age helps develop visualization, concentration, planning, and problem-solving skills. For this reason, chess is a standard part of the primary school curriculum in over 30 countries, and has been recommended by the current U.S. Secretary of Education.

28.  Detroit City Chess Club

The club is usually open three days a week. (Except when special events occur.) Mondays and Saturdays feature casual chess which is best suited for those that are interested in coming to the club but don’t wish to play in serious events just yet. Still, players of all levels have been known to stop by for those events.

29.  Chess Castle of Minnesota
1121 Jackson Street, #134, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Welcome to the Castle Chess Club. We welcome players of all ages and abilities. Most of our events are what are called "Rated Chess". You need to belong to the United States Chess Federation, (USCF). We can sign you up here. You get a magazine and a rating after you play some rated games. This changes after every event you play. You get information on the national chess scene and can play in any event across the country. A rating is used to pair players and will allow you to compare yourself with any player in the nation.

30. Westport Chess Club

817 Westport Rd ,Kansas City, Missouri

If you enjoy games, you’ll love chess! To learn how to play or to improve your play, visit the Westport Chess Club on Wednesday, October 6 at 6:30 PM at School Street Elementary. Players should register at the door.

31.  The Kansas City Chess Club
7667 NW Prairie View 64151

Our goal is to individualize lessons based on your age, chess knowledge, and goals. We educate both kids and adults. While helping you to win at chess, we also focus on having fun and good sportsmanship. We look forward to working with you on your chess endeavors.

32.  Jefferson City Chess Club

The Jefferson City Chess Club was started in 2002 by 8 avid chess players. Today, the club has over 30 members of all ages. The Jefferson City Chess Club is an affiliate of the United States Chess Federation and regularly runs rated tournaments. This website is intended to provide information about the club and its members along with important chess information about upcoming tournaments and other areas. The goal of the club is to increase the playing strength of all its members and to make everyone strive to learn and improve their game.

33.  University Missouri Chess Club

The UMC Chess Club welcomes anyone in the Columbia, Missouri community to participate in our activities. The club was formed in April 1996 by Yves Tan, in response to community interest. It is an officially recognized University of Missouri student organization and US Chess Federation affiliate. Our activities include: Informal play, Instruction and discussion of chess tactics, Tournaments, Teaching and promoting chess in the community Social activities Anyone is welcome at these events. There is a wide range of skill levels in Columbia, from beginners to chess masters, and it is our goal to meet the needs of all. Membership is open to members of the Columbia community in addition to students, faculty and staff.

34.  Kenilworth Chess Club

Membership is open to anyone, provided she or he agrees to the payment of club dues as provided in Article IV below, and agrees to the rules and regulations of the club as stated in this document. Minors age 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent or Gaurdian.

35.  Marshall Chess Club

Whether you're just starting out or a Grandmaster, the Marshall Chess Club is a warm place to learn more about chess, to watch others play, and of course to come play yourself. Please feel free to contact us or to drop by. We look forward to welcoming you.

36.  Chess-in-the-Schools Inc.

Chess-in-the-Schools is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to improving academic performance and building self-esteem among inner-city public school children.

37.  Staten Island Chess Club

Every Wednesday night the Staten Island Chess Club is the site to some of the best chess on the Island-and has been for over 118 years. We meet every Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 12:00 AM at St. Paul's/St. Luke's church located at 184 Decker Avenue (entrance on Catherine Street.) Established in 1890 our club is one of New York’s oldest. Our former members include one U.S. champion, one U.S. amateur champion, and a five time U.S. blind champion.

38.  The Right Move

Welcome to The Right Move, the scholastic chess website serving the Greater Capital District. The Right Move, in association with the Eastern New York Chess Association, offers FREE opportunities for kids of all levels of ability (as well as their parents and coaches) to enjoy chess learning and competition.

39.  Charlotte Chess Club

4544 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte Chess Club, an Independent Affiliate of the USCF meets each Wednesday evening at 6:30pm (or as early as 5:30 for some!) at the Skyland Family Restaurant.

40.  Asheboro Chess Club

You will enjoy casual play, along with U.S. Chess Federation rated Tuesday Night Tournaments. We have members of every age and playing strength, so you will feel welcome. Our facilities at The Asheboro Public Library offer a quiet, comfortable, and convenient playing environment.