Top 100 Charter Schools (pg 4)

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61.  Aventura City Of Excellence School
Aventura’s state-of-the-art Charter School opened in August 2003 and houses 900 students in grades K-8. It is operated by the city in conjunction with Charter Schools USA. Julie Alm is the Principal.

The Charter School is located adjacent to the City’s Community Recreation Center.This allows the sharing of facilities between the Charter School and Community Recreation Center. Aventura residents have preference in registering their child for the school. Strict proof of residency is required at the time of formal registration.
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62.  Canoe Creek Charter School

Canoe Creek Charter Academy located in St. Cloud, Florida. We are a SACS Accredited, tuition-free public charter school serving students in grades Pre-K-8. Canoe Creek Charter Academy is a member of the Charter Schools USA family of schools providing St. Cloud with a great neighborhood school of choice.

Canoe Creek Charter Academy offers classes in grades Pre-K-8. The student body is a diverse population serving students in the St. Cloud area. Applications are now being accepted for students in all grades.

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63.  Ace Tech Charter High School
Ace Tech was founded in 2004 to introduce minority and low-income youth to architecture, construction, and engineering (ACE) careers. This focus is crucial to our country’s domestic and international success. We desperately need more ACE professionals if our country is to maintain its global competitiveness during the next decade and beyond. Many of those future professionals will come from the students ACE Tech serves today.

We do not require any tests to enroll at ACE Tech, and there is no tuition. However, we expect all students and their families to support the academic program and the strict code of conduct. In return, ACE Tech provides excellent and caring teachers, a safe environment, excellent communication with parents, and an interesting and challenging college-preparatory and a construction trades-focused academic program.

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64.  Six Mile Charter Academy

Six Mile Charter Academy located in Fort Myers, Florida. We are a tuition-free public charter school serving students in grades Pre-K through 8. Six Mile Charter Academy is a member of the Charter Schools USA family of schools which provides 5 great charter schools throughout Lee County.S ix Mile Charter Academy opened in Fall, 2005 in a newly-built 77,000 square foot state of the art facility. The school houses traditional class rooms in addition to specialty rooms, a computer lab and a multipurpose room.
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65.  Gateway Charter High School

Gateway Charter High School (GCHS) is a public high school chartered by the School District of Lee County to serve students in the District. GCHS empowers families and supports students in grades 9-12 to meet and exceed rigorous academic standards, to promote life-long learning skills, and to advance our belief that parental involvement and partnership in education is critical to student success.GCHS is accountable for academic results and fiscal practices to our Board (the Lee Charter Foundation), parents, and students. GCHS is reaching for the high standards established in its charter as evidenced by its A+ grade and graduation rate of 87% in 2007. These achievements are made possible through the support of our management company, Charter Schools USA.
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66.  Douglass School
The Douglass School vision is to provide a learning community where all students become active problem solvers, self-confident, highly inquisitive, function effectively in the community and develop a sense of pride through cultural awareness.

To accomplish our mission, the Douglass School commits to involving all stakeholders to assist in the development of an academic program that increases students' reading achievement through professional development, implementation of the Chicago Reading Initiatives, utilizing higher order thinking skills, and the infusion of technology in all subject areas.

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67.  LLT Academy Middle School
LLT Academy is an A-rated Charter Middle School in Hillsborough County, FL. Literacy, Leadership, Technology Academy's teachers are degreed and certified in their field. We believe that it is imperative to learning that our teachers not only be experts in their fields, but experts with children as well. It is not enough to just teach our students, our teachers will nurture, encourage, and understand the complexities that make up an adolescent in today's world.

LLT Academy exists to develop students who learn the value of academic excellence, the qualities of character of leadership and the integration of technology into real-life experiences. Preparing each student to discover his or her uniqueness and passion in a safe and innovative educational culture.

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68Trinity School of Children
The Upper School at Trinity is dedicated to prepare students for a productive and successful adult life in the 21st century. They will be well informed, educated, and capable of making sound decisions regarding the world in which they live. We address the total student: academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. Technology is an important part of our curriculum and is integrated into all aspects of the student day. We prepare our students to strive for intellectual curiosity which turns the world into an exciting laboratory and keeps one ever a learner. The Trinity Upper School has earned a "A" for the 4th straight year. This is due to the dedication of the faculty, staff, students, and parents. Thank you for all that you have accomplished! It is your dedication to our philosophy that allows the exceptional work of our community.
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69Manhattan Charter School
Manhattan Charter School will prepare its students to achieve high academic levels in the four core academic subject areas and music, to communicate effectively in verbal, mathematical and musical languages, and to apply critical thinking processes and ethical standards to learning, living and problem solving.

Manhattan Charter School delivers rigorous, standards-driven instruction and fosters a culture of high expectations. Manhattan Charter School is committed to providing every child with the tools and support necessary for success. To that end, MCS believes in educating the whole child with a well-rounded liberal arts program beginning in kindergarten. This contributes to the academic success of MCS students, and, more importantly, to their development in general. MCS maintains its commitment to offering music every day to every child. Other enrichment instruction includes French, Art and Physical Education, all beginning in kindergarten.
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70Harlem Success Academy
Harlem Success Academy Charter Schools are free, public elementary schools founded on a simple premise: Every child can succeed. Our students are admitted through a random lottery but from the moment our children enter the door, nothing else is left to chance. We are a public school run like a private school. Harlem Success Scholars are taught by the best teachers from around the country, their progress is assessed every 8 weeks, and all children who need it are given targeted one-on-one tutoring by highly-trained tutors to ensure they progress at the highest of levels.
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71Future Leader 
Harlem desperately needs high-expectation learning communities with the ability to educate students from homes, schools and environments where education has been historically neglected. Located in District 3, FLI strives to be one of the leading high-performing, non-selective schools in Harlem-a place that fully prepares students for outstanding high schools and colleges.

Future Leader works with children and families in Harlem who face the largest inadequacies and inequalities found within the public education system. It serves a student population with little access to quality educational opportunities. In Harlem, less than 40% of students read at grade level and 70% will not graduate from high school in four years. Several of FL students previously attended schools that were performing so poorly that they were shut down, and many others have come from some of the lowest performing schools in the City.
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72 Amber Charter School
Amber Charter School's mission statement to provide comprehensive learning experiences that will enable all students to become fully-educated, creative adults, prepared to play leadership roles in New York City and in our global society. All parents, staff members, and community members, regardless of position, have an important contribution to make towards improving a student’s education.

Amber serves students in grades K through 5. Students participate in a core curriculum in literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. In addition, enrichment is offered in the visual arts, music, physical education and technology. All students receive instruction in Spanish as a second language from kindergarten until they graduate in fifth grade. Special education services include counseling, speech, a special education teacher and access to occupational and physical therapy off campus. An after school program is offered, as well as a Saturday Academy that helps struggling students reach grade level.

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73.  Woodlawn Community School
The Woodlawn Community School, one of a number of schools authorized by the Chicago Public Schools System in 1996, was founded by the Woodlawn Development Associates on the principle that we need to create a new kind of partnership in which both communities contribute directly to the strengthening and development of each other. The Woodlawn Community School started with the belief by board members of WDA that they had a responsibility to the children of Woodlawn to help them (the children) develop a strong positive sense of themselves, to recognize themselves as important and contributing members of the community and to know with certainty that members of the community were concerned and cared about them.
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74.  DREAM Charter School
DREAM Charter School is East Harlem's community-based, public charter school, where every child can and will achieve.

DREAM Charter School's mission is to educate East Harlem children through a comprehensive K-8 program that builds a community of passionate, lifelong learners.

DREAM Charter School students will achieve mastery of all New York State Learning Standards and will be accepted into high performing high schools. DREAM Charter School promotes physical, social, emotional and moral growth in a nurturing environment with high expectations, inspiring every student to recognize their potential and realize their dreams.
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75.  Alcott High School
Founded in 2009, Alcott High School for the Humanities is built on a long tradition of educational excellence at its elementary, Alcott Elementary School located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

Having had the opportunity of interaction with at least two other CPS high schools, as well as having attended countless parent teacher meetings in the course of educating three children, we can say without qualification that the staff of Alcott High School for the Humanities in general, and each content area instructor in particular, is deserving of recognition for the work they are doing. Alcott is well on the way of exhibiting best practices in education.

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76.  Paul Public Charter School
Paul Public Charter School is a public school that serves students from all quadrants of the city. The school’s structured and highly individualized program provides vital support for students during the critical middle school years. Through it's "Triple A Program," Paul creates an enviroment that allows students to excel in Academics, Arts, and Athletics.

Paul PCS believes that to succeed, students need to develop skills to work cooperatively and constructively with others. Cooperation and collaboration make the job easier. It places the responsibility on each and every individual. It allows for discussion and critical thinking. It provides a forum for leadership. It also offers a place that is truly a microcosm of the world at large. Most important decisions today are made in collaboration with others. Paul PCS provides the necessary opportunities that students need to develop those skills associated with successful individuals.
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77.  Farragut Career Academy

Farragut Career Academy’s mission is to prepare all students to be life-long learners and responsible citizens by cultivating an academic, social/emotional, and post-secondary success. Through the implementation of the most innovative, effective curricula, infused with technology and learning methodologies that support diverse learners, we will inspire and drive the development of 21st century skills for all students.

Farragut Career Academy commits itself to excellence and equity in education for all students by developing graduates who possess moral and ethical character, responsible citizenship, and high academic achievement for post-secondary and career success.

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78.  Ben Gamla

Ben Gamla Charter School is identified as #5410 in Broward County. The school houses students in K-8. In addition to the #5410 school, we have a nested school (#5001; Ben Gamla North Broward) that serves middle school students in grades 6-8. Students in both middle schools are leveled according to their FCAT scores, their grades, and their individual needs. The middle school staff is the same in both schools (5410 and 5001).
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Perry Street Preparatory Public Charter School

Perry Street Preparatory Public Charter School, located in NE D.C., serves students in PreK-grade 12. Our mission is to be a community of diverse learners that builds relationships with families to empower students to become college-ready and to thrive in a global society.

Perry Street Prep serves students from every ward in the District. We offer a safe and secure learning environment that adheres to academic rigor. Our core values are Respect, Responsibility and Perseverance. We prepare our students to be ready to enter college, to succeed in college and to graduate college.

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80.  Meridian Public Charter School

The mission of Meridian Public Charter School is to instill within our students a passion for learning and to build self-confidence and self-respect through academic achievement. It is our goal to ensure each student achieves the highest possible level in Reading and Mathematics. The love of learning and the foundation of knowledge and skills that our students acquire will serve them throughout their lifetime.
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