Top 100 Board Games (pg 4)

Armis is a high-strategy board game, designed for brain-game enthusiasts.

The objective is simple -- capture your opponent's Flag, s

uccess is often achieved through good planning, astute situational assessment, and brilliant implementation.

Benefits of Playing Armis
  • Armis develops critical thinking skills,
  • Armis builds self-esteem, skills are certain and measurable, not conditioned on any financial, academic, or social class,
  • Armis inspires you to be inventive, 
  • Armis emboldens you to learn and understand complex matters easier and faster,
  • Armis spurs you to plan for and attain success, 

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61.  Titan
Titan is a fantasy board game for two to six players, designed by Jason McAllister and David A. Trampier. It was first published in 1980 by Gorgonstar, a small company created by the designers. Soon afterward, the rights were licensed to Avalon Hill, which made several minor revisions and published the game for many years. Titan went out of print in 1998, when Avalon Hill was sold and ceased operations. A new edition of Titan, with artwork by Kurt Miller and Mike Doyle and produced by Canadian publisher Valley Games became available in late 2008.[1] The Valley Games edition was adapted to the Apple iPad and released on December 21, 2011.

Each player controls an army of mythological creatures such as gargoyles, unicorns, and griffons, led by a single titan. The titan is analogous to the king in chess in that the death of a titan eliminates that player and his entire army from the game. The player controlling the last remaining titan wins the game.

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62.  Medici

Medici is a German-style board game by Reiner Knizia. Players buy cards in an auction and match in series and in sets to end up with most points from those formations. Before he was a game designer, Reiner Knizia was a quantitative analyst, a profession that manages and attempts to price risk for banks. This is fitting as the Medicis were bankers and traders who improved accounting standards and as such would have built their financial empire on judging risks. In this tradition, Medici the board game is based on the pricing of risk: each lot of commodities has an uncertain future value based on how cards are drawn from the deck, what other players buy, and other factors.
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63.  Take It Easy

Take It Easy is an abstract strategy board game created by Peter Burley. It can be characterized as a spatial bingo-like game, and has been published by Ravensburger and subsequently by several other publishers since 1983. Each player gets a board with places for 19 hexagon tiles to place in a hexagon shape. Additionally, players get identical sets of tiles which have different types of colored/numbered lines crossing in three directions. One player draws a tile randomly and then tells the others which he drew. Each player then puts their matching tile on their board in any available spot. This is repeated until the board is filled
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64.  Omega Virus

Omega Virus is a talking electronic board game released by Milton Bradley in 1992. It involves collecting weapons and room keys to destroy the computer virus which has taken over a space station while either hurting or helping your fellow players.Michael Gray designed the Omega Virus board game. He also created the boardgames Mall Madness, and Dream Phone.
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65.  EVO
Evo is The Last Gasp of the Dinosaurs is a German-style board game for three to five players, designed by Philippe Keyaerts and published by Eurogames. The game won the GAMES Magazine award for Game of the year 2002 and was nominated for the Origins Award for Best Graphic Presentation of a Board Game 2000. The game went out of print in 2007.
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66.  Die Macher

Die Macher is a strategy board game designed by Karl-Heinz Schmiel of Germany. The game is based on the German electoral system and each player takes the role of one of five political parties (in the 2006 edition, the CDU/CSU, FDP, SPD, Greens, and Die Linke). Parties score points based on seats won in seven state (Land) elections, the size of their national party base, the amount to which they control the national media, and how well their party platform aligns with national opinion.
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67.  El Grande
El Grande is a German-style board game for 2-5 players, designed by Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich, and published in 1995 by Hans im Glück in German, by Rio Grande Games in English, and by 999 Games in Dutch. The game board represents renaissance-era Spain where the nobility (the Grandes) fight for control of the nine regions. El Grande was awarded the Spiel des Jahres prize and the Deutscher Spiele Preis in 1996.
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68.  Medina
Medina is a board game designed by Stefan Dorra and published by Hans im Glück and Rio Grande Games in 2001. In the game, three or four players compete to be the most influential developer of Medina, a desert city near the Atlas Mountains in 1822. Variations of the game allow 2 or 5 players. The game was nominated for the 2001 Deutscher Spiele Preis and the 2003 Jeu de l'année, but won neither prize.
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69.  Merchant of Venus

Merchant of Venus is a board game, published in 1988 by Avalon Hill, set in an unexplored part of the galaxy during a reawakening of galactic civilization. Players move around the board as traders discovering long forgotten pockets of civilization and buying and selling goods. The game can be played by one to six players. In tournaments it is usually played by four players. The solitaire version, which relies heavily on combat with a militaristic race, has different game mechanics.

The name of the game is a pun on the Shakespeare play Merchant of Venice. The planet Venus does not actually appear in the game.

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70.  Dune
Set thousands of years in the future, Dune the boardgame is based on the Frank Herbert novels about an arid planet at the heart of the human space empire's political machinations.

Designed by the creators at Eon of Cosmic Encounter fame, some contend that the game can best be described as Cosmic Encounter set within the Dune universe, but the two games bear little in common in the actual mechanics or goals; they're just both set in space. Like Cosmic Encounter, it is a game that generates a lot of player interaction through negotiation and bluffing, but that can be said of numerous unrelated games.
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71.  Free Renju
Free Renju is a free logical game. It implements two variations of the well known Japanese board game from Renju-Gomoku family.

Main features are:
4 levels of complexity.
Customized strength of the highest level.
Ability to print position and list of moves.Ability to save position to file.Ability to load position from file or manually.Customized colors of stones.
Includes demo game.
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72.  Words Of fortune

Looking for a game to challenge your vocabulary? Or planning to challenge a friend? Words of Fortune is a very popular and challenging word game which allows you to play alone in tournament or practice mode or play with a friend in tournament mode. The game was originally designed in 1997 in 12 days. It was my very very first VB program. As people started appreciating the game, I released it as a freeware. The game is available for downloading from most of the popular freeware/shareware sites. More than 60,000 copies of the game have been downloaded since then. In very short time, I made 15 releases of the game, mostly to add new features, add music, improve UI etc. A primary school in Australia is using the game to help children learn words through fun. Few commercial companies are distributing the game as freeware on CD's. In very little time, Words of Fortune gained huge popularity among people of all ages. Some people use the game to gain vocabulary for SAT/GRE tests. I am busy with other projects now, however I do plan to add more features and fun stuffs to this game in future versions. So, if you are a Words of Fortune "Fan" then keepvisiting this page
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73.   Bloxter
Your job as a bloxter is to produce energy in a block reactor. Arrange colored blocks as they fall from above. If you can make the blocks form complete lines, they will react and disappear! Look out for alien invaders, some might help you but others will make your job tough. Extra tools and bonuses can help get you a high score to swap with your friends.
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74.  Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2011
It's Game Time!! Throw the dice, shuffle the cards and put your strategy to the test with HOYLE Puzzle & Board Games. You'll have hours of fun with this game collection that includes more games than ever! This fun collection features traditional game standards like Chess, Mahjongg and Chinese Checkers plus popular hits like Hangman, Battling Ships and Sudoku. Challenge your friends and family on one computer or play against the witty and personable HOYLE characters! All games are designed with rules according to HOYLE, the Official Name in Gaming.

30 varieties of games included in this collection: Word Games, Strategy Games, Card Games, Board Games, Family Favorites. Brain Teasers, Memory Games, And More! BONUS Match 3 Game, Boonka!! With over 60 fast-paced levels, 15 powerful, level-changing power-ups and bonuses, 3 unique game modes, and truly addictive game play, Boonka has something for everyone!
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75.  Hexcite
Hexcite is a sensational puzzle game! It is quite simple to play as you have 7 different shaped tiles that you place on a hexagonal board. A great number of players have found the game thoroughly addicting and highly stimulating and mentally challenging. This game has taken Japan by storm with an actual board game version.
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76.  Scrabble
The World's Best Loved Word Game is now the ultimate interactive word game! The game play's the way you've always known it, but now stunning graphics, multiple difficulty levels, pop-up menus and more come to vivid life on your desktop. It's everything you love about Scrabble in one easy download. A whole new level of fun!
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77.  Liong - The Dragon's Dance

It's mahjong with a puzzle twist! The magical Liong dragons have been stolen and you must save the day.

Use your matching skills to stop the Liongs before they reach the gate! Along your journey, you'll visit hundreds of unique locations and collect an assortment of beautiful masks, amazing awards, and clever fortunes.

Featuring 2 game modes, 100+ levels of game play, beautiful graphics, and dancing Chinese dragons, Liong truly is a mahjong and puzzle game unlike any other.
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78.  Trivia Machine
Scale the ladder-of-knowledge by answering fun questions from the Trivia Machine!

This game features thousands of trivia questions across 9 fun-filled categories. The unique game play involves strategy and wisdom, and this combination of challenging fare equates to a giant entertainment value!

New questions are downloaded automatically, so you may never see the same question twice.

Download this unbeatable (well, not literally) game today!
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79.  Bato - Stones Game

You just need to play this stones game! "Bato" is a sacred game of people lost in Tibetan mountains. It’s very ancient - no one can say now when and how it appeared. It probably appeared at the same time as nation itself and its beliefs. Playing Bato is not meant to be entertainment; it’s a form of meditation and communication with supernatural forces. Young men attend a special school called Bato Academy in order to show themselves worthy of this endeavor. Young master, which not for long ago graduated this academy, goes to wild wastelands to test himself and obtain treasures, hidden in mountain cave. You can go with him! Travel all over the world in this stones game! Bato puzzle is a flat table, covered by round color stones. Using his cue, master collides same colored ones, so they break into magic dust, which fills vessel. Among this, every strike wastes dust, so unskillful moves will result in empty vessel and mission will be failed. Player must remove all stones from the table and acquire much magic dust as possible. Accurate, fast and skilful shots will be rewarded by bonus dust and score. There are some idols of ancient gods, which watching player. They are capricious and exacting, but if master will show proper respect to their demands, he will be rewarded by helpful blessings. Go thorough native village, desert ruins, deep forest, mountain peaks and spooky caves! There are many trophies, which can be found during the journey by skillful player. These trophies will come in handy on later, very complicated levels. For convenience you can choose ordinary game mode or special "no time" mode. The last one does not demand fast reaction speed, so you can pass the game without any haste and think about next move so much time, as you wish. So let’s try "Bato" - dynamic and colorful game. Fascinating adventures, interesting tasks and amazing meetings waiting for you! Download this stones game and have endless fun!
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80.  Don't Get Angry! 2
Choose your team and roll the dice against up to three friends or smart computer opponents in a merciless match!

Up to four players, either human or computer opponents
Detailed 3D scenarios,ten silly teams to choose, Unique and funny bonus weapons! Multiplayer mode via LAN or Internet
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