Top 100 Board Games (pg 3)

Armis is a high-strategy board game, designed for brain-game enthusiasts.

The objective is simple -- capture your opponent's Flag, s

uccess is often achieved through good planning, astute situational assessment, and brilliant implementation.

Benefits of Playing Armis
  • Armis develops critical thinking skills,
  • Armis builds self-esteem, skills are certain and measurable, not conditioned on any financial, academic, or social class,
  • Armis inspires you to be inventive, 
  • Armis emboldens you to learn and understand complex matters easier and faster,
  • Armis spurs you to plan for and attain success

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41.  3D Morris
3D Morris takes a popular classic board game called Nine Men's Mill into a new dimension by offering an innovative arcade mode, 3 brilliant 64.000 color prerendered 3D environments and 8 soothing sound tracks.
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42.  3D Checkers Unlimited
Although it isn`t as popular as chess, it is certain that, bit by bit, more and more people are becoming fans and addicts of draughts. For all of you out there they have created this 3D Checkers Unlimited.
3D Checkers Unlimited is a magnificent, totally 3D game of draughts, with splendid graphics. The aim of 3D Checkers Unlimited is the same as always: jump over your opponent`s pieces before they do the same to you.
For 3D Checkers Unlimited to work correctly you need to previously install DirectX 8.0 or later.
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43.  Inter Space

InterSpace is a space exploration & exploitation board game for 2 to 4 players. Each player assumes the role of a civilization that has grown beyond its home world and is expanding into the Universe. Players build ships, explore space, colonize planets, and trade with or wage war on the other players. Players also develop new technologies and expand their industrial bases, allowing them to build more and better ships.
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44.  Tic-A-Tac Royale
You are after a new home and new life so you set sail aboard the S.S. Tic-A-Tac Royale. Can you build your fortune to help change your future? Play the very popular game Tic-A-Tac with your shipmates while on your journey. The games in Tic-A-Tac Royale combines the original Tic-Tac-Toe with casino games. Can you play well enough to transform from a mere pauper to a millionaire? Download and play Tic-A-Tac Royale NOW!
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45.  5 Spots II
The sequel to the world's favorite spot-the-difference game, 5 Spots II is one of our most popular games; it simply must be played to be believed. The list of enhancements is incredible. Now there are four game modes, not simply variations, but original and very hilarious games in their own right. Whether or not you were acquainted with the original 5 Spots, there is something here for you. Download today and find out what that something is.
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46.  Monkey Money 2
The monkey is back, and he's brought a tuxedo! Experience different game modes, and try to unlock all the special achievements in Monkey Money 2! Land on the special coins to activate fantastic Wild Monkey free games, and the Monkey Scratch Feature minigame. With a hilarious cast of animals guiding you through this Card & Board game, you’re sure to have a fantastic time!
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47.  Abandon Ship

As we all know, rats are the first to desert a sinking ship, and this game creates a unique 'rat race' -- get your rodent up to the top deck and escape to glory before the ocean liner goes down.

The board is a two-piece affair, with a sliding ship in the center marked out with 36 deck spaces. The rats begin on space 10. All seven rats have their own color-matched die, plus there's a white die which can affect any of the rats.
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48.  Monopoly Tycoon in Space
As soon as people began to reflect on stars, fantastic dreams of space exploration occurred. For a long time people have been dreaming of conquering the whole universe. Now we can do it! We can set a complete monopoly in space! This game is a real boon for those who like to play monopoly. Long-awaited continuation of a big business is finally realized. A monopoly in the real estate is already set long ago. This is not true for space. Space is a quite unmastered area. In this economic strategy You will have to master space on the basis of monopoly laws! Having a small start-up capital and a perfect spaceship, you must conquer the whole galaxy. Rolling dice, the players shift in space according to the number of planets specified. When visiting a planet, they can buy it and build the mighty base there. As soon as Your opponents arrive to Your base, they have to pay you a contribution. Having conquered all planets of the same color, you can set powerful rockets on them which multiply considerably the size of contribution. The purpose is simple: to bring to ruin the opponents and remain the only monopolist in Space. This game looks much like an original monopoly: there are sectors in the game, different events, opponents and even absolutely realistic dice. This game can be played by from one to six players at a time. Note that they can be both human-players and computer-opponents. You can choose the complexity level (beginner, professional) if playing against a computer.
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49.  Blokus world Tour
Blokus, the bestselling board game, comes to the computer for the first time!In Blokus World Tour, you get to travel the globe in your quest to become the Blokus world champion.

This top quality game features 10 unique tournaments to win, 16 competitive computer players to beat, 8 mind bending challenges to conquer and 21 shiny gold Bloks to collect!

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50.  Venice Mystery
In Venice Mystery, you must find the secrets to the lost device that will keep Venice from flooding and destroying all life on the island.

Travel through the beautiful city of Venice, one of Italy's most intriguing cities, and solve an ancient mystery before Venice sinks into the water. Magic puzzle levels will guide you to thirteen forgotten paintings that hide a lost secret. Will you be able to uncover the paintings in time and discover the old machine that can save Venice.
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51.  Skip-Bo Castaway Caper
Explore a remote island teeming with SKIP-BO™ fun in SKIP-BO: Castaway Caper™! After your ship washes up on the shore of a seemingly deserted island, it quickly becomes clear that the island is not only inhabited, but that it is also home to a powerful volcano. Your presence has awoken and angered the volcano and put the entire island in jeopardy. Fortunately, the islanders are masters at the great game of SKIP-BO™ and are willing to teach you their favorite game. Only you can play SKIP-BO™ with the friendly inhabitants of the island, calm the active volcano, and restore the quiet peace of this tropical paradise. With four unique game modes, challenging mini-games, and endless, family-friendly, SKIP-BO™ fun, SKIP-BO: Castaway Caper™ is an original adventure featuring one of the world's favorite card games.
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52.  Once Upon A time In Chicago

Play the lottery in the gritty world of 1930's Chicago. Once Upon a Time in Chicago, bootleggers, flappers, gangsters, and underground casinos were the norm! Enjoy this colorful lotto game set during the deceitfully romantic times of 1930s Chicago. Work your way from rags to riches as you try your luck in different casinos. Race against the clock and use a variety of power-ups to defeat your opponents, and write the perfect happy ending to your fairy tale. Are you ready for a whole lotto fun in the Windy City?
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53.  The General
In this version of the board game "Stratego" you lead your troops into battle against the computer opponent in a race to capture your enemy's flag. Initially you can't see how the enemy has positioned his troops and he can't see yours which gives ample opportunity for bluffing and deception from both sides.
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54.  Mahjong Road show
In 'Mahjong Roadshow', you'll make your way from garage sales to the auction block in search of priceless treasures from antiquity! Leave no tile unturned as you sift through rooms full of everyday objects to find the most valuable objects on earth! Is it a 12th century original or a 20th century replica? Is it an invaluable artifact or a worthless trinket? Is it the genuine article or a clever counterfeit? The only way to find out is to play Mahjong Roadshow!
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55.  Catan

As a pioneer on the island of Catan, your goal is to grow your settlement by producing and trading resources like grain, ore, and wood. Expand your settlements with roads and cities and be the first player to earn 10 victory pointsand win the game. Random maps are created each time you play so each game provides a new and exciting challenge.
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56.  Junior Board Games
A charming compilation of simple, traditional games that are fun for all the family - includes the favorites Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Dominoes, Dice and Battleships.

Enjoy them on your own or play with up to four friends or family members!
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57.  Falco Cross
Description of Falco Cross 1.2.4:
Play 3D Criss-Cross Game. Download Falco Cross, it is Free! If you want to know more please visit at our web site.

Supported OS: Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003

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58.  Nikakudori
Sharpen your puzzling skills for this unique tile-matching game. Flip all the tiles over by matching pairs. But pay attention to the rules! The pairs have to be touching, or connected by other tiles that have already been flipped over. Start out in Easy Mode to get the hang of it, and by then you'll be so engrossed you won't want to stop!
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59.  Red Blue Classics
Choose the perfect challenge for you out of five difficulty levels, or play against a friend on the same computer. With game play ranging from the simple TicTacToe to the mind bending three dimensional thinking of Qubic, RedBlue Classics packs a lot of fun for the entire family.
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60.  Crazy Loops
In a game 12 x 8 area you have to place different pieces of straight, bended or crossed pipes. On the right there is a conveyor, serving the pipes. Take the lowest and place it on the game area. Try to build a locked up system. If one is ready, it will disappear and your score and the game level will increase. Now there is space for further more constructions. Some pipes will not fit together, so you will have to work on more than one system at the same time. Besides the shrinking timebar will disturb your concentration. The higher the score the faster it will shrink. Each placed pipe makes it longer but not long enough to play an endless game. Definitely the game will come to an end.
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