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Video Instructor

Armis is a complex game with a steep learning curve.
These videos, along with the Player's Handbook, will provide all of the information needed
 to learn the game.

The primary components of Armis are:
the Player's Handbook (the rules),
the player pieces,
the game board.

Please print the Player's Handbook at this time.

In the Player's Handbook you will notice that each unique piece has a 'duty', 'movement', 'power', and 'special condition' attributed to it.   

Videos 1 and 2 will address player piece powers
from different perspectives. 


(Video #1 is loud, you may want to lower the volume half way)


Player Piece Power

at this point you should: 
be able to recognize all of the player pieces
be able to distinguish offensive pieces from non-offensive pieces 
be able to recall,the two different directional movements
have deduced that no piece has absolute power
have noticed that some pieces have limited power 
recall how one non-offensive piece can indirect attack 


Armis Powers & Duties of Player Pieces

at this point you should: 
be able to recollect some special conditions
be able to visualize player pieces by name
be able to recall that there are many ways to 
lose your diplomat 
have noticed that most pieces cannot take the
 nuke or diplomat
have a better understanding of all of the pieces 
heard the term friendly-fire
know some of the powers by heart 


Player Piece Movement Chart

  at this point you should: 
know how each of the pieces move
have a good understanding of their powers
be able to find most matters in your handbook
be ready to start playing 

(Video #4 is loud, you may want to lower the volume half way)


Game Board Regions

at this point you should: 
be able to recognize the Seaside (aka Eastern) Corridor 
be able to distinguish North from South, and 
East from West 
have deduced that the Poldar Valley is unique
be familiar with the Setup Zone and
be able to understand all Armis lingo when used

were created by dedicated Armis players during Armis Instructor's training.   


Introduction To The Rules

Questions For You: 
What team color was represented in the South? 
Where can you place the Reserve?
How many player pieces do you have on your side? 
How many spaces are in the setup zone?
Describe what a 'hole' is in a setup? 

Other Questions:
What are the two pieces that can climb? 
What are the two pieces that can fly?
Name 3 absolutely non-offensive pieces?
Which piece can travel through another piece?


"The Seas"

Questions For You:
Name any one of the two seas.
What is the primary purpose of the Mover?
How many boxes make up coastal waters?
How can the Jet indirectly capture the Nuke?
What are two pieces that cannot board the sub?
How many spaces can the Coast Guard move in
 Deep Waters? 



Questions For You:
What is the definition of friendly-fire? 
Which military player piece cannot issue friendly-fire?
Which player piece is not subject to friendly-fire? 

Other Questions:
How far can your Army move in a single move?
How many pieces on your team can move 8 
or more spaces?
What are the only pieces that can directly remove
 the nuke?
What are the 3 prerequisites to nuke activation?


Competition Level Armis Gameplay

Did you look at all 8 videos? 
Did you print the Player's Handbook? 
Did you answer most of the questions?*
if yes, then you are ready to play Armis now

* there were only two trick questions

If you would like to become  Certified Armis Instructor
 please let us know. 

We Highly Recommend The Following 
Instructional Videos
on youtube.com

'Move It!', by William Regonas

'Cover Me', by William Regonas

'The Great Comeback', by Haryadi Chandra

'A Perfect Game', by William Regonas

'Effective use of the Diplomat', by Haryadi Chandra

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