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Armis Rules Council

Armis was designed by J Amitenejah to be dynamic, as such on rare occasions game rules, as well as game rule interpretations may change.  However, since stability and reliability are greatly valued the rules, and rule interpretations, are not subject to arbitrary change.

The official rules are published by Armis and available for review in the pamphlet entitled “Player’s Handbook” and also available by clicking Player’s Handbook at www.ArmisGame.com  

At times readers may feel it necessary to have more clarity on a specific rule, in that case they should seek the counsel of a Certified Armis Instructors (CAI) CAIs are empowered to render final decisions with respect to any interpretations relating to a specific game.  

Mr. Amitenejah is presently appointing avid Armis players from around the world to make up the Armis Rules Council (ARC).  Once formed ARC will have the official authority to change standard rules, and to authorize official versions of standard rules.

There is only one standard set of rules, all games are played by the standard rules unless otherwise indicated and unanimously acknowledged by relevant players.

All standard rule changes must be publicly announced at the official Armis website on the HOME page for a complete year before it is incorporated into game play.

ARC must exercise great care when considering rule changes, furthermore efforts should be made to standardize rule interpretations by CAIs.  Consistent rule interpretations by referees and CAIs are vital to the Armis community.  

Anyone may submit a rule(s) concern to ARC, ARC does not consider rule changes for any particular game, and ARC decisions are not retroactive.

The first 15 ARC members are only appointed by Mr. Amitenejah each may serve up to 2 years, at the end of the term that person may only be elected to the ARC board by a majority of said board.  The board should not be larger than 15 members, 9 members are necessary to have a quorum, a quorum is necessary to changes game rules, quorums are not necessary for discussions and hearings.


Conflict Resolution Protocol

It is expected that all Armis players know the basic rules of Armis as detailed in the current Armis Player’s Handbook.  It is a great idea for each player to have a current  Player's Handbook available during game play.

Referees are often experienced Armis players who know the rules as well as the spirit/logic behind the rules.  Having a ref during Armis game play is another great idea.  

A Certified Armis Instructors is the final arbiter for any particular game.  

At times interpretations of Armis rules may conflict, here is the procedure for expeditiously resolution of conflicts:

1) pause the game

2) players should consult the current player’s handbook and be guided by it

3) if the conflict is not resolved by the players, and if a referee is present s/he should allow both players to present their cases based on their understanding of the rule.  The person initiating the move should address the ref first. The ref will determine how much information to gather before rendering a decision.  

4)  If the ref believes the matter is covered directly by the Player’s Handbook it should be pointed out and explained.

If the conflict is not resolved the ref must present consult a CAI for final resolution.

5) If the ref believes the matter is not covered directly by the Player's Handbook but appears to cover it indirectly the ref should attempt to resolve it by presenting the logic guiding his/her decision to the players.  

If the conflict is still not resolved the ref must present the matter including his/her interpretive logic to a CAI for final resolution.

6) If the ref believes the matter is not covered directly or indirectly by the Player's Handbook, s/he should present the matter to a CAI for final resolution.

7) If the referee is a CAI all of his/her decision concerning that game are final.  

8) If one player is a CAI his/her decision is final for that game.  

9) If both players are CAIs the matter should be resolved by an emergency session of ARC, but may be resolved by Mr. Amitenejah.


Petition For Clarification of Rule Interpretation, Rule Change, or New Rule

Please draw your petition such that it addresses all of the following:

1)  Introduction

a) your name and address (or email address) and the names of all

   relevant parties: signers, supporters, and detractors.

b) state reason for petition (clarification of rule, rule change, or new rule), also

   indicated if your request pertains to the standard or a variant rule.

2)  Body  -  state the ‘Current Rule’, the ‘Primary Consideration’, any ‘Additional Factors’, and your specific ‘Recommendation’ inclusive of all contrary arguments brought to your attention

3)  Final Note - indicate if the matter involves a specific game, if it was live or electronic and any other information you believe relevant.  If a referee and/or CAI was involved state name(s) and respective decision(s).

Submit petition to armisgame@gmail.com upon petition submission ARC will review it, and inform you of their intention.  Any final determination it will be published at www.ArmisGame.com.