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Armis Was Created In The USA For Everyone Around The World To Enjoy FREE
Armis is enjoyed most in the following countries: United States, Philippines, India, Canada, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, France, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, 
Macedonia, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka,Brazil, Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia, Hungary, Cambodia, Spain, Sweden, Argentina, Georgia, Poland, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Armenia, Greece, New Zealand, 
Egypt, Croatia, Malaysia, Algeria,  Singapore, Bosnia and HerzegovinaIrelandBelgium, Finland, Kenya, Vietnam, Senegal, VenezuelaBelarus, Hong Kong, Israel, Colombia, PortugalSouth Africa, Taiwan, Czech Republic,
 Thailand, Nigeria, Guam, Uganda, Switzerland, Lithuania, Denmark, Latvia, Japan, South Korea, Mali, Norway,  Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia,  Turkey, Jamaica  Slovenia, Yemen, Estonia,
Mongolia, Peru, Cyprus, Trinidad  and Tobago, Bolivia, Jordan, Austria, Chile, Uruguay, Iran, Montenegro, Ghana, Guatemala, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Togo, Belize, MoldovaMaldives, Albania, Azerbaijan, China, Iraq, 
Palestine, Barbados, Costa Rica, Malta, Brunei, Ecuador, Luxembourg, Gambia,  Lebanon, Nepal, Panama, Paraguay, Sudan, El Salvador, Afghanistan,  Bahrain, Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, Guemsey, Iceland,
Kuwait, Northern Mariana Islands, Namibia, French Polynesia, Réunion, Turks and Caicos Islands, and Kosovo
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Some Kongregate.com member comments about Armis:

hirikoyu: "Finally, I can find a game that worth to be played! Armis is 
a new concept of strategy game which you can command both land and water units. Timing and strategy are the key factors to determine victory in this game. ... There are very diverse of units that each of them has unique ability, although my favorite units are “Marines” and “President”, “Nuke” is something that cannot be underestimated. ... This one is quite useful when you wanted to Rambo all of your opponents using a single blow LOL. The developer of Armis is very genius to create a game like this, which can take strategy game into the next level. Thanks Armis!"

  "I'm in love with ARMIS!"

rominatechodesk: "Amazing Game. It took me i think 4 games to win, and then i just couldn't stop playing for hours. I can't wait to play it with my friends in the multiplayer version . It's definitely a great game for competitive people who enjoy strategy ..."

pooaul2: "I love the game. It's extremely challenging and makes you think strategically. ... I'm still a newbie at the game but I think this has the possibility to become my next addiction :)" 

refyaa: "... Armis is just AMAZING, your first game might not make you fall in love with it, but if you play more and learn about all of your units, all of your possibilities, the game can become REAL FUN. If you were already a fan of chess, this will just blow your mind ! PLUS, There will be a fully operating multiplayer mode which will make it possible for us to challenge our friends, and see who is the smarter !"
dfreelancer:  "This game has definitely exercised my brain. The fun part is setting up your own pieces since it gives you  the control to plan your moves, make strategies, and strenthen your executions. A must-try for board game lovers as it is fresh and riveting.  Prepare to be constantly challenged when playing this game."
SinnerUy: "Awesome game! ... I love the game and I cant wait to try the multiplayer version."

 "Definitely a challenge! It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but I'm addicted now! At first glance it looks like a chess board, but that's where the similarities end. Each piece has it's own role and strengths/weaknesses, and after a hard day, it's nice to be able to come home and nuke somebody. ... I can't wait to share this one with my husband :)" 

diasdinuka: "... I'm totally addicted to Amis i love to recommend it to game lovers ... three cheers to its developer."

zgnik: "I beat the computer in my first 2 attempts (I guess I was a bit lucky), ... then I lost the next 5 matches :) and started too appreciate the strategic element of the game ..." 

sky_wong:  "This game is superb! The first time I played this game, I do not know what to do, as I did not actually read the handbook or the instruction. I just thought the concept must be like playing chess. But it is not. This is a whole new level of board game. It just need a little bit of time to get the hang of this game. Read on the description of every unit, DO not skip this. Then try a game or two, you will understand what you need to do later on. As the computer is only in Beginner Level, ... Good Luck to all. 
Love ARMIS!"
InnaP:  " I really loved to play it ... I have played chess before ... it is absolutely not chess ...,  I am the first girl played this game [on Kongregate], so I can recommend it to all girls for keeping minds fit :) "
Tareq935: "A super brain teaser. ... From my point of view it is better than chess. Great companion for my leisure period."

Miltaridis: "Armis illustrates how a simple idea can turn into a great game. For me it is a game combining the best of stratego and chess achieving a wonderful balance. Highly reccomend it and will sure try the multiplayer version!" 

able992: "This is a very awesome game. ... I give it two thumbs up!!! I recommend this game to all kinds of age groups.This is AWESOME!!!!!!"

manigupta: "Hey....I won it at the first attempt....yipppee :).  It is a superb mind game. I recommend it to everybody who want to use their brains while playing."
haryadichandra: "Really good games, need to think really hard before making a move, this game can stimulate our thinking and logic. ... and the most annoying thing that happen is - after we arrange the position of our army, the computer can choose to switch position.... when this happen I can only say oh my gosh..."

William Regonas 
The First
Certified Armis Instructor

mdpiash:  "... the game is more interest[ing] than Chess..." 

Theorules: "I feel proud I beat it on my third try ..."

nnuqui23: "A very challenging game. might take you quite some time to get used to the moves but definitely worth playing..."

Rami_Cherni: "a wonderful game , really love it , its a little hard but thats what make it cool.i dident beat it yet but sure i will"

ericwolff: "This game is like a combination of chess and risk. If you like strategy games, you will enjoy Armis ,,,"

Armis Hall of Fame

Current Armis Champion on Kongregate.com

Armis record holder on Kongregate.com
highest number (31) of wins in a week

Armis record holder on Kongregate.com
highest number (23) of wins in a day

   Armis record holder on Kongregate.com 
only person to win on first try

dfreelancer (former Armis Champion on Kongregate.com)
Mostafizar (former 3x record holder)
Shakil5o (former record holder)

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