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Write A Fun Armis Poem, Limerick, and Haiku

Write a fun Armis poem, a fun limerick, and a fun haiku. 

The title of the work must have the word Armis in it.  

Then do at least one of the following (a, b, or c): 

a) post your approved work to an appropriate public content site for poems, limericks, or haikus.  

b) enter the approved work into a contest for the an appropriate genera. 


c) read them on youtube, and send file to us as: 
.avi, .mpg, .wmv, or .mov

To learn more about Armis, please visit: http://www.ArmisGame.com

Please make it fun, not about war, death, killing, or anything else not fun.   Skip the obvious, get creative.  Sometimes it's easier and more challenging (and fun) if you just focus on one small aspect of the game; like the pristine beach, clear blue waters, or the great savannas. 

Here are a few ideas: 

The Armis Seas, 

An Armis Child 

A Million Ways To Play Armis

Mr. President, Let's Play Armis

Armis On My Mind

Armis: Where Wisdom Always Wins

Armis, The Million Dollar Move 

Armis, A Smart Move