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Position: Writer


Armis is currently looking for writers to write about Armis. This freelance position can be done full or part time, locally or around the world.

Compensation varies, it is primarily based on story location (how many people will see it), the quality (factual info) of the story, effectiveness (likability), and durability (how long it will last).

Writers are encouraged to do stories for local news papers, school papers, internet publications, as well as blogs.  Writers who work closely with Club Managers to publicize events in the form of articles have unlimited work.

another writing option is ... 

Super Short Armis Stories

Short tight articles of approx 200 words. 

in each article you must: 

1) place Armis (game board, game box, game pieces, and or game play) in the story, 
2) have it take place in a major city around the work, 
3) have it involve up to 3 people speaking, others could be involved in non-speaking roles 
4) have minimal narration 
5) use the names of 2 fortune 500 companies,  
6) alternate the target reader from 8 and under, to teenage, to adult, to senior adult. 
7) alternate well known scene locations institutions, parks, libraries, ships, planes, etc ... 

Remember, it isn't necessary for game play in each story, it could be various situations that have Armis in it, for example: 

- a family shopping for a house-warming gift for newlyweds, 
- game boxes prominently displayed in a bookstore, 
- an Armis club instructor explaining the game board at Chicago's Toy Fair, 
- a $10,000 Armis game made of crystal, 
- even a story involving Armis (the company) making a sizable charitable donation,

The works we pay for become our property without limitation.

another writing option is ... 

Write An Armis Jingle

Write a fun Armis Jingle. 
The title of the work must have the word Armis in it.  
Then perform your approved work on youtube, and send file to us as: .avi, .mpg, .wmv, or .mov
The jingles we pay for become our property without limitation.

If you have an interest in this position please contact us using the form below:

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