Strategy Missions IV

31) Effective Teamwork With

Strong Non-Offensive

- use three (3) distinct teams to carryout a strategy that may include offensive or defensive tactics.  You decide the teams and the tactics, the teams must be clearly identified and the teamwork must be effective.

Use a minimum of 4 non-offensive pieces in the total make up of your teams, each piece in your team must play a meaningful role in your game plan. Non-offensive pieces can be used as bait, to trap, to block, as a stop gap,  as well as to remove landing space(s).

32)  Birds That Prey &  No Landing Zone - use your Jet to capture a sea vessel in the deep sea, and use your Helicopter to capture your opponent's  Marine or Coast Guard on coastal waters.  Also, on two occasions use non-offensive pieces to occupy the landing area for your opponent's Air Force after your opponent moves the Jet or Helicopter in an attempt to capture one of your pieces.   You are responding to a move by your opponent's Air Force (Jet or Helicopter) to foil an imminent capture by occupying the landing area to protect your friendly.

33) Sea Sniper - for this mission you will be using the Presidential Punch setup (seen below). This mission involves 3 key pieces: Pres, AC, and CG. Place the Pres onto the AC, place the CG in a position such that the Pres is able to move from the AC to the opponent's Reserve via CG in a single move; then have Pres win the game with the Flag capture.


Two Tactics In One - In this video you will use the ‘Sling-shot’ OR ‘Ricochet’ tactic, AND the ‘Give & Go’ OR ‘Bait & Snatch’ tactic in the same video, yo

u are selecting a tactic from paragraph ‘a’ and ‘b’:

a) 'Sling-shot' vs 'Ricochet' -   Sling-shot - when the Pres is in front of the VP in an uninterrupted straight line, the Pres leads assault, upon expected capture the VP ascends to the Presidency (the sling-shot) resulting in a new Presidential assault.    Ricochet - similar to the sling-shot move however the Pres and VP are not in a line together and are often nowhere near one another however the objective of the move is to give the VP extended range upon the capture of the Pres.
b)  'Give & Go' vs 'Bait & Snatch' -   Give & Go - when you offer up one friendly in order to lure an opponent’s piece out of a specific coverage area so that you can occupy a space in that coverage area.  Bait-N-Snatch -  when you offer one friendly up in order to capture an opponent piece.

This video is an example of 'Give & Go and Ricochet'

35)  A Sea Adventure  &  F-Bomb - show all of the following:
    a)   all three vessels in empowered waters,
    b)  show a land piece board all three empowered sea vessels in a
single move
    c)   board A/C with one of Air Force then move the A/Cc such that
the Air Force unit is on a new flight path
    d)   use Sub as bridge in Eastern Sea for travel of one piece from
one port to the other port
    e)   use the Nuke to capture your opponent's Flag  

36) Flag Fortress  &  Duck and Cover ... Advance  -  using your Reserve, Religion, Diplomat, and Nuke, explain how use of these particular pieces create a Flag fortress, and how this strategy is actually defensively stronger than many other types of setups; then  show how a set of three or more of your pieces can be used to advance into your opponent's territory without capture.  Please note: all three pieces must be continuously covered until all three have entered your opponent’s setup zone.


37) Lucky 7 - Win this game in 7 moves on your part. 

38)   Nuke Neuterization -  situate your Nuke at least 4 spaces away from the Flag.  Do not engage your opponent’s Nuke until it is armed.  When your  opponent’s Nuke first becomes armed you are to move it  to a place where the Nuke is temporarily unable to be activated (too close to own Flag); while the Nuke is in that state win the game.

39)   House Arrest -  create a barrier along the land  perimeter of your opponent’s  setup zone to prevent at least 7 if its from moving outside of its setup zone. During setup set all sea vessels 1 or 2 spaces away from coastal  waters   Win with your barrier fully in place.

40) Beat That! -  go to (no need to sign in) setup as you see on the left
then get a perfect game in under 6 mins, it took our Armis pro 4 attempts to get here.

... more missions coming soon
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