Strategy Missions III

21)  'Give & Go' vs 'Bait & Snatch' -  define, show, and contrast both tactical moves.  Give and Go - when you offer up one friendly in order to lure an opponent’s piece out of a specific range you want to occupy. Bait-N-Snatch -  when you offer one friendly up in order to capture an opponent piece.

22)  'Sling-shot' vs 'Ricochet' define, show, and compare both tactical moves.  Sling-shot - when the Pres is in front of the VP in an uninterrupted straight line, the Pres leads assault, upon expected capture the VP ascends to the Presidency (the sling-shot) resulting in a new Presidential assault.  The Sling-shot is an excellent end-game move. Ricochet - similar to the sling-shot move however the Pres and VP are not in a line together and are often nowhere near one another however the objective of the move it to give the VP extended range upon the capture of the Pres.

23)  'Alpha Blocker' and 'Beta Blocker' Alpha Blocker -   use of an offensive piece to block,  clog-up, or shut down the Eastern Corridor. Beta Blocker -  use of a non-offensive piece to block,  clog-up, or shut down the Eastern Corridor. For this mission you will define, show, and use both tactical moves to shut down the Eastern corridor from both sides while trapping one of your opponent's pieces inside of the corridor until the end of the game. 

24)  No Landing Zone -  the object of this mission is to occupy the landing area for your opponent's Air Force after your opponent moves the Jet or Helicopter in an attempt to capture one of your pieces.  So for at least two occurrences use a player piece (pref a non-offensive piece) to respond to a move by your opponent's Air Force (Jet or Helicopter) to foil an imminent capture by occupying the landing area to protect your friendly.  

25)  Birds That Prey -  use your Jet to capture a sea vessel in the deep sea, and use your Helicopter to capture your opponent's  Marine on coastal waters, or any sea active vessel. 

26)  Up The Middle -  start with your Marines no more than 3 spaces apart at setup.  During game play draw your opponent's Marines to opposite sides of the board (max 3 boxes from most east space and max 3 boxes from most west space), then from a starting point no more than 5 spaces from your Flag use your Marine to travel between your opponent's Marines to capture your opponent's Flag in three or less moves.

27) The Dynamic Duo -  use only two pieces (ie: VP and Army) to trap (coverage of all movement possibilities) one of your opponent's Marines in the Expanse then proceed to win the game.

28) Forced Surrender -  your mission is to bring about a Forced Surrender. If a player is unable to make a move, has no offensive pieces, or the offensive pieces on hand cannot reasonably capture the opponent’s Flag (ie: lone offensive piece is Helicopter and opponent’s Flag is in a corner) he has technically surrendered.

29) Mutual Forced Surrender - bring about a final conclusion where neither side has the resources to win the game. A Mutual Forced Surrender is a technical loss for both players.

30) Quickie - win the game with only three moves on your part.

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