Strategy Missions II

11)  F-Bomb - Use the Nuke to capture your opponent's Flag  

12)  A Sea Adventure - Sea vessel travel and boarding, show all of the following:
     a)   all three vessels in empowered waters
     b)   show a land piece move from land to board Coast
Guard, to board A/C, and to board Sub in a single move
     c)   board A/C with one of Air Force then move the A/Cc such
that the Air Force unit is on a new flight path
     d)   use Sub as bridge in Eastern Sea for travel of one piece
from one port to the other port.

13)  Duck and Cover ... Advance - show how a set of three or more of your pieces can be used to advance into your opponent's territory without capture

14) Flag Fortress -  using your Reserve, Religion, Diplomat, and Nuke, explain how use of these particular pieces creates a Flag fortress, and how this strategy is actually defensively stronger than many other types of set-ups

15)  A Perfect Game - win the game with no friendly casualties, no forfeitures, or losses whatsoever.

16)  Forced Retreat - force three of your opponent's different pieces to retreat during the game.

17) You're Stuck - take opponent's Mover and President (and VP) so that at least two sea vessels are stuck on land, and the Reserve and Flag are stuck in place.

18)  Strategic Analysis  -  using a random setup selected by the computer at the time of the video do a thorough auditory analysis from beginning to end. 

Starting with the setup, identify all of the possible moves, which moves you believe the computer may or should do, then after the computer makes the move discuss why you think the computer made that move.  Also indicate if you like the move and if you would have done that move if you were on that side of the board. 

Before you do your move tell us what you are thinking and why you have decided to do that move and how you expect the computer to respond.  

Be completely thorough, tell us all of the options the opponent has, then after a move is made tell us how you will respond,  Tell us if you will respond directly or indirectly to the move, ignore the opponent's move, or simply beware of the opponent's move.

19)  Building Bridges  -  your mission is to build and use 5 bridges, 1 in the Eastern Sea to connect the North port and the South port, 1 at the Polder Valley to connect the North side with the South side in the Seaside area, 1 in the Great Sea connecting two coastal water sides, 1 at the western most coastal water space (#49), and  1 at the closest coastal water point to your set-up team.   The full mission should be completed before your opponent loses 6 of his offensive pieces. 

20)  Simon Says  -  to begin this mission your opponent must have the first move, if he moves the Marine (M1) on his right side then you must move your right-side Marine (M1), actual move placement  may differ.  If he moves his Jet, then you must move your Jet, if he moves his Child, you move your Child, and so on for the first 10 moves (5 + 5) of the game, then proceed to win the game. 

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