Strategy Missions

These missions were specifically created to be used in conjunction with the certification training of Armis instructors, each mission is a brain workout.  The more advanced missions are on page 4.  

Enjoy ... 

1)  Armis Linguistics - play a game and make sure to properly use all of the following terms in your commentary without defining them:
                a) The North
                b) The South
                c) The Expanse
                d) The Polder Valley
                e) North Port
                f)  South port
                g) The  Eastern Corridor
                h) The Eastern Sea
                 i) The Great Sea
                 j) The Seaside Area
                 k) Deep Water(s)
                 l)  Coastal Water(s)
                m) Flight path 

2)  Nuke It!
          a)  have Nuke board  CG
          b)  have Nuke board AC
          c)  have Nuke board sub
          d)  Activate Nuke aboard any one of the above

         a)  use the Diplomat to capture your opponent's
         b)  use Diplomat to block path of 2 of opponent's
         c)  show how to avoid capture by opponent’s 

Effective use of the Mover - in this order please:
         a)  move all three sea vessels into coastal waters,
         b)  move any non offensive friendly that is not a
sea vessel in any constructive direction
         c)  move Helicopter or Jet onto a new flight path
         d)  move opponent's Nuke 

5)  Effective use of the Air Force -- take no less than 5 of your opponent's pieces with your air force (Helicopter / Jet)

6)  Only Marines - only move your Marines during the game

7)  No Marines - issue FF at the start of the game to remove your Marines. 

8)  The Executive Force - start with the President on one side of the set-up zone and the VP on the other side
only the executive (Pres and VP) are permitted outside of your set-up zone.

9)  Tow Ambush - Show how to use the Mover to indirectly take an opponent's piece.

10)  Pushy-Pushy - Use your Mover to move all of your pieces (including the Flag) at least once.

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