Socheat Lim

Armis is pleased to announce our newest Certified Armis Instructor, Socheat Lim of Cambodia.  Mr. Lim is a professional translator specializing in communications involving Khmer, Mandarin, and English.

Born and raised in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, early in his childhood Socheat gravitated to challenging games: “I started to get interested in puzzle games during my childhood when I got my first jigsaw puzzle.  After completing the jigsaw puzzle, I was always happy as it made me feel like I have achieved something by my own hands”. Socheat said.  

Like many boys growing up around the world, Socheat played action video games like Warcraft and Plants Vs Zombies, but it was the strategy games he somehow felt connected to, these were the games that continued to challenge him mentally, games like Risk, Go, and especially Chinese Chess - his favorite board game.

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    Socheat Lim of Cambodia Does Video Review Of Armis

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