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Position: Certified Armis Instructor

Armis currently needs Certified Armis Instructors (CAI).  

CAI are skilled individuals who know just about everything there is to know about Armis (the company, the product, and how to play).

As Armis grows in popularity we want to be able to service the educational needs of every community. 

We pay you to become a Certified Armis Instructor, and we pay you to teach the classes, and we pay you to organize the competitions. . 

To become a Certified Armis Instructor you must do the following: 

Achieve 100% on a 10 question open book exam, appropriately address a question posed to you at 10 different Armis videos, and properly produce 1 instructional video for each of the 7 subjects (from strategy missions page) you are given. 

Special note for all Armis video presentations: please keep in mind that Armis is more of a family game than a war game, so in that light we try to use certain keywords for specific activities, for example: we 'activate' the Nuke rather than 'blow it up', or 'detonation' it; we 'take', 'remove', or 'capture' player pieces instead of 'kill', 'crush', or 'destroy' 'men'; we play against 'the opponent', to 'win' not against 'the enemy' to 'beat' them.  Lastly, we try not to capture our opponent's Child during any assignment.

The creator of Armis will work with you directly throughout the certification process. 

The main duty for CAIs is to teach people how to play Armis, the project that we are focusing a tremendous amount of resources to is the Armis for Schools Worldwide program.  This program provides games to schools anywhere in the world free of charge, our sponsors pay all of the fees. 

It is our plan that CAIs do presentations to schools and from that presentation the school place an order for free games.   The CAI is paid for the presentation, the CAI is paid again after the games are received by the school, the CAI is paid again after teaching the teachers at the school how to play the game, and the CAI is paid yet again for organizing tournaments at the school.  

A smart CAI could actually go from school to school, town to town, region to region, and country to county following the same model and make a good living at it.

Upon successful completion you will receive $100. an Armis game (wood player pieces), an Armis T-shirt, and an Armis Cap.

If you are interested in this position please contact us using the form below. 

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Certified Armis Instructors are vital to the growth and development of Armis the game and the worldwide business .  Listed below are various business opportunities to increase your personal income.

1) Start An Armis Club - this opportunity is only available to CAIs with a physical Armis game (min 1 game for each club member).  Service rates may range widely depending on many factors, however generally the following rates apply:

$20 for approved teaching video showing one-on-one instruction
$30 for approved teaching video of 10 - 20 students, min 20 mins
$20 for organizing approved unofficial small (3 to 5 entrants) tournament
$30 for organizing approved unofficial medium (7 to 11 entrants) tournament
$50 for organizing approved unofficial large (above 11 entrants) tournament
$30 for organizing approved official small (3 to 7 entrants) tournament
$30 for video of approved official tournament, minimum 20 mins.

Sponsored events will usually have rates tied to the sponsorship fee, you will receive a portion of the sponsorship fee.
15% of sponsor paid advertising rate for your club,
15% of sponsor paid wholesale game sales for your school account
100% of all sponsor paid instruction for your club and/or school accounts

15% regular games sale sold by you,
25% of custom games sold by you,
3% override on games sold by members of your club,

3)  Meet With Parents, Teachers, Schools, Education Networks -   you secure the account we do the heavy lifting to secure the funding sponsor(s).

Your job is to meet with parents, teachers, and school officials to have them use Armis as a learning tool in their school.  Ideally we want it to be incorporated into the curriculum but as an extracurricular activity like an official student club in the school is fine too.

Your compensation rate may vary from situation to situation, however generally you could expect 15% of the wholesale value of the games provided to the school, class, or club much is dependent on the sponsor.  In most cases the total sponsor contribution will include physical Armis games, comprehensive Armis instruction, and regular in-school Armis tournaments.