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Start An Armis Club

How To Start An Armis Club In Four Easy Steps

Step One
Find a leader (Club Manager), someone who can organize and manage, preferably someone who gets along well with others while providing insight, information, and support; s/he must know how to play the game, increase membership, sell games, develop benefaction, and promote events. 

Step Two
If you are, or someone your know, is such an individual the next step is to organize a meeting of at least five (5) members. The meeting agenda is as follows: selection of three (3) club officers (club president, vp, secy, tres, etc... ), and naming of club.

Step Three
Create a video of each member playing a complete game.  


Step Four
Send all of the information to corporate: 
  • club manager
  • club members (min 5)
  • club officers (min 3)
  • club name
  • club email address
  • club meeting address (ie:public library, sponsor restaurant or office)
  • links to videos (no downloads)

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