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Free To Enter, Free To Win, & Free To Enjoy 
prize will shipped free to you anywhere in the world

Each contest requires a minimum number of entrants before it begins.
All winners are asked to have their photo taken with their prize for our Armis Winners page. 

Armis Contest 1

Win An Official Armis T-Shirt

Select Small, Medium, or Large 
1st edition, Armis Logo T-Shirt

(Click Photo To Enlarge Image)


Armis T-Shirt (2nd edition, Soldier)

(Click Photo To Enlarge Image)

We need a minimum of 1 person from 10 different countries
 to indicate a willingness to enter the contest before contest commencement.
If you want to participate in the contest simply send an email
with your full name and full shipping address,
we will let you know when the contest officially starts. 

Free Armis Contest Registration

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